Monday, August 1, 2011

happy monday everybody! haha guess i'll just pick up where i left off with my last blog (:

i had wanted to go to toney sunday but since it was 4th weekend i had to wait to go. i'm off on thurs so after work wed i headed to meet bail and hil before church. we hung out at olivia's for a little bit then went over to bail's to get ready for church. after church me and hil drove around awhile and went by taco bell, and bail went over bro david's house. we got back a little while before bail and we were both like we are soo gonna fall asleep before bail gets home. at one point hil tried to get me to get eeyore for her but i was like no bail will be so mad when she has to come wake us up to get him. good friend looking out right? well sure enough we did fall asleep before her and when she came in her room the next morning she was like that when she got home she just knew i was going to be sleeping with eeyore. i was like thanks bail! glad to know you just assumed i'd be a bad friend lol.

after we got up and got around, hil headed for school and me and bail headed to toney. after church me bail and garrett definitely ate about our entire body weight in food haha and after cleaning a little bit we headed back to bail's. i had to get up really early friday for work so i ended up going to hil's that night to stay the night. we watched unknown.. which was kinda a letdown. i Love liam neeson.. he is one my fave's. but it definitely wasn't anywhere near as good as taken. so basically.. don't waste your time lol.

after dragging myself to work i headed to meet mom and dad to go to rocky branch. pretty much was just church and then heading home after and crashing haha.

well the grand plan was to get up and go to lake winnie, but unfortunately it started raining pretty bad so i ended up hanging out at red lobster and the mall with taylor luke lexi hunter whitney and amber. i pretty much just helped taylor luke and amber pick out clothes haha. i was kinda bummed we didnt get to go but i had a lot of fun anyways. we didn't have church that night so after i came home i just chilled out here till bed time.

i got up pretty early so i could get ready in time to go to cvs before church. yes i know i am a huge nerd but i Love to coupon (: i'm about to stop for awhile tho... i have So much stuff.. i'm about to be like borderline hoarder lol. anyway i barely made it back in time for us to leave.. me and amber were riding with my parents. well, when i say barely made it in time, i mean we barely made it in time to be forever early like dad likes lol. after church i hung out with jared jesse jordan and amber for awhile then we headed home. i hurried and fixed ambers hair for church then left to go coupon some more (: after church we had all the young kids over and we played volleyball. i was so excited to finally get to play.. i cant wait to have people over again. we ended up playing phase ten till like 12 haha.. i love me some phase ten <3 after everyone headed home i cleaned my room for awhile and finally hit the hay.

nothing too exciting has happened today... except making final plans to go to the beach next week! ahhh i am Sooo excited! i can not wait. i'm leaving out monday and coming home friday. so hopefully next time you all see i'll be like a mexican haha. lots of love!

here's some pics (:


  1. Ugh. I miss you so much. And now you're going to the beach. So I won't see you much. This is so sad. ):

  2. Oh, & also, I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE your blog! Too cute (:

  3. Take me to the beach (: lol!! I miss you chica and I'm really glad I got to see you this weekend.

  4. actually april i am leaving monday and coming back early fri so it wont make me miss hanging out really lol. i miss you too tho! i'll be home all weekend this weekend but i cant do anything bc i cant spend any money till the beach lol. and thanks ab my blog (:
    and i miss you too dee!! i love you and was glad to see you too (: can't wait to start house work! lol