Thursday, March 31, 2011

for carly (:

this is for hilary brook carly shay gamble (:


h-h-hilary that's her name
but you can call her carly 'cause it's almost the same
rockin' out to miley and the jonas brothers
cooler than her? you won't find no other
been keepin' it real since '93
she's an old school gangster, that's why i call her hilly g
my homie, my pal, my long lost twin
i love you hil and that's the end!

happy birthday!!!!! thanks for the past 2 and a half years. we've been thru so much but i'm glad i'm still able to call ya one of my bestfriends (: i have seriously some of the funniest memories with you... look outside! look outside! (said in ghetto hick voice) and proceeding to clean up toilet paper at TWO A.M.!! because we're scared your mom will be mad lol. i think that earns us the bestfriend badge for life lol. i can't wait to see what all crazy things we do this year. i love you kid<3 don't forget it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

thanks so much to everyone who has helped get me thru the last four years. its been crazy and hectic and so good ways and in bad. i know i've grown so much since then. i feel like i barely know that girl anymore. i hate some of the things thats happened, and i wish i had some unlimited do overs, but i Know it's made me stronger. and its definitely made me appreciate stuff so much more. i'm so thankful for how much the Lord has helped me. i can look back and truly see those times he carried me....i don't think i could have made it without him. and each and every one of you that has helped me better know i couldn't have made it without you guys either. you've been my rock, and my shoulder to lean on. i know God sent me you guys. you've made such an impact on my life...and stuck thru the bad times with me....and the times when i wasn't such a great person to be around. i'd start listing names but you should all know who you are....i love you so much...don't ever forget that!

....its getting better all the time (:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i've never liked the taste of crow, but baby i ate it....

have you ever had to make a decision in life and was like yes this is totally the right thing to do i won't regret this at all. and even over the next few weeks you are still like i'm glad i chose that, i wouldn't change it at all. but as more and more time goes by you start to wonder why in the world you made that decision in the first place?
for me this seems to happen about every other week. i'm a big believer that things happen for a reason and you learn from your mistakes and all that feel good comforting blahblahblah, but sometimes i want to smack my past self in the head and ask what in the world are you doing?! seems like that has really been on my mind today....just different things i kinda wish i could go back and change. in a way i'm happy i made those decisions because i have some *amazing* people in my life and really don't know what would happen if i hadn't met them....or where i would even be really if i had made the so called "right" decisions....and at the end of the day i'm a child of God and thats All that matters at all. but i really do wonder sometimes what if i had done this or that? would i be more content or just happy in life?
it kinda started with some recent happenings i would Really like to change if i could...which could possibly be fixed without some type of time reversal but i don't really know if i should mess with it or not....anyway those thoughts kinda started this whole thinking process. then i made the brilliant move of going thru my outbox and reading old stuff...which in turn made me remember past decisions i wish i could renig.
sometimes i realllyyy miss the old days.
i don't wanna miss you
i don't wanna have to regret you
i don't wanna ask myself why
i don't wanna feel like i'm somehow doing something wrong
and i really really don't want to wonder what is going on in that dumb little head of yours
i don't want you to be unhappy, i just wanna move on and be happy too.
pretty simple request right?
i feel like this post kinda turned more diary entry than blog, but if you were interested enough to actually sit there and read thru it all, it makes me love you a little bit more. till tomorrows challenge, lots of love to you guys.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

chocolate envy

so tonight i decided to go see my lovely bestfriend hilly g and stn with her and bail. after we creeped around walmart for about an hour and yelled yea?! at some guys who whistled at us, we came back here and have been sitting on the bed doing squat for almost 2 hours. hil randomly found some old choc phone that she bought from bail. but it wont turn on so we decided i would take it apart and see what we could do towards fixing it. well after taking  it apart and pulling out a piece of fuzz, bail is convinced that this phone will magically work. welp, shockingly enough, it wouldnt work. so bail decides it needs to be charged. so she starts roaming thru the house trying to find a charger. no luck. so we get sis alison's choc and change the batteries. no luck. so bail is Still convinced it needs a charger. she decided to look up a video on fixing a choc, and after watching a guy like completely take his phone apart, she was like i think this is trying to tell us we need a charger. needless to say, if you can fix hil's old phone for bail, she will prolly adopt you and love you till the end of time lol. you will be moved to the front of her phone above aaaaa shelby justin beiber BEASST and be her number one bestfriend lol.
honestly tho i do hate finding an old phone and being soo excited to see what old stuff is on there and what old pics you took and old txts you sent and old txts you saved and bam! Nothing you do will cause this little instrument of mystery to turn on. so, bailey jean, i Do feel your pain. and perhaps one day i'll bring you a choc charger. and btw, you're NOT walking to walmart tomorrow. i love you guys!!! thanks for making my tues night a little less lame.
lots of love!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wonderful wednesday...

soo today i was super excited on my way home bc i was like, yay, i can blog! sometimes i feel so nerdy that i wonder how i possibly have friends. thanks guys for accepting me and making me feel like there are ppl out there even less normal than me (:
so anyway today was pretty interesting. i get to work and i kinda hear a thumping noise but i am practically a.d.d. so as soon as i get out of my car it leaves my mind. welllll when i go on break i made a run to rue 21 and it seriously sounded Horrible! i pulled over twice to look at my tires and such to see what was going on. i couldn't find anything so i made my way back to good old family savings. when i got back i asked everyone if they knew anything ab cars and told them my car was making a weird noise. they asked what it sounded like and i told becky it sounded like a troll was holding on to my tire and i kept running over him ( really did) anyway i get jess outside and we are checking everything we can think of and driving it all over the parking lot inspecting the sound. we finally get down on the ground looking underneath (in dress clothes might i add) and see part of my bumper is hanging down so i'm like yes! we found it. so i ran inside and got a huge plastic clip and clipped the bumper together (if that's not redneck idk what is lol) but just when i'm feeling so accomplished for figuring it out, we get in the car to test it, and the troll is STILL thumping. well turns out we Finally saw the worlds largest screw/bolt/metal contraption of evil lodged in my tire. so all i ended up having to do was get a plug put in my tire. thank you Lord for it not being anything serious (:
other than that my day was pretty well an average wed. work, eat, and on to american idol <33 i'm a total addict. and gotta say, this season has been Amazing! i love pretty much everyone on there. it makes my heart happy.
so i know this was supposed to be quote/shoutout post but i have already rambled on soo much and i want to start the 30 day challenge shelb is doing so i'm already at 2 posts today haha so i guess i will save that for later. much love to everybody (:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tues post #2

so i realize that it has only been a couple hours since my last blog but i have been pouring over shelb's because for whatever reason the last time i looked it didnt show me any posts past dec. anywho, it got me in the blogging mood again, and who cares, i havent blogged in three months anyway.
have you ever had a dream where you/someone you know quits? seriously, those are the worst dreams Ever. there prolly hasn't been a time where i didnt wake up with a huge feeling of relief afterwards. that definitely happened to me last night. i dream basically every night and sometimes they are soo real. this morning i woke up and was like ahh thank you Lord it wasn't real. i'm so thankful for all the people in my life i would hate to lose any of them. hopefully on to happier dreams tonight :)
isnt it sad how the week just creeps so slowly by and the weekend takes ab, oh, 5 secs and its over? i think it should be changed to the weekend is 5 days, and weekdays are 2....just saying (: naw i really do love my job, and i'm Very thankful for it, but i miss everyone during the week. i can't complain tho, bc i am constantly going and doing stuff. just ask my momma, bc she is constantly complaining ab it lol. i try to cram as many "small plans" into my week so it makes it seem less "weekday" like lol.
speaking of weekday plans, i'm definitely in the mood to start up monday night madness again. if you're reading this and have any idea what i'm talking ab or any interest in participating, you should comment (: since Everytime i suggest us playing the water game i get shot down, i'm apparently going to have to get everyone together and take them outside just for that haha. but seriously, i'm so up for some phase 10 movie night. can i get an amen? (:
well since i have rambled out tons more useless information i think this will be it for my blogging today. look for possibly a quotes/shoutout post tomorrow (: lots of love<3 -bee


okay so dumb little me couldn't find my blog. i would like to give a huge shoutout to shelb for finding it for me :) and giving me the ability to blog for the first time in almost 3 months. pretty sad, but my life isnt all that exciting lol. have i told you lately shelb that i'm so glad you started hanging out with us?? (: haha you Know you love me. anywayy...back to my boring life. things have been pretty crazy since new years....a lot of stuff has happened but i have to say i'm pretty stinking happy with my life right now. i seriously pretty much have the best group of friends in the whole entire world. and since i know it makes their hearts warm and fuzzy to see their name online (its almost like being famous) i'd like to say i truly deeply (madly?) appreciate these girls....jay dee aly brit april shelb tc and hilly...whew! seriously, my life would be uber dull without them. they make me laugh till tears are pouring and it makes blake ask if i'm crying over steadman and mindys wedding video haha. i hope all of you know i Love you! and i am always always here for you anytime, any day (:
but enough with the mushy stuff. what have i been up to? well last night i went to stay with brity bran for some quality sister time (: it was soo much fun. i hate that people have to live so far away, but my trips down there are always great. we went to frizzles (which is actually a restaurant, not a slang word jk decided to say) and it was super amazingly wonderful. i am officially a #1 fan of tin roof parfait<33 we came home and watched part of the bachelor (yayyyy emily!!!) we took some really really ridiculous webcam pics that prove why we are friends (bc we are seriously retarded) and stayed up till 1 in the morning even tho i had to get up at 7:20. it was pretty rough but i never seem to be able to shut up and go to sleep when i'm with my friends. so i did manage to drag my zombie self to work today and i'm feeling pretty good right now. but knowing me, about 8 oclock i will be in crash mode, lazing out on the couch watching some netflix movie. maybe it sounds lame but i love me some movies (: 
which leads to my major dilemma! okay, so maybe i'm a super huge nerd, but i LoVe old movies. yea i love 80's movies, but i'm talking like movies out of the 50's. oh yea. nothing says loser like a person born in the 90's watching something like that. but what can i say, i'm a sucker for them. so anyway, a lana turner movie called diane came on at work yesterday during my lunch break, so that resulted in me seeing only about 30 mins of it. i tried to find it on netflix, no such luck. and the only copy i could find on ebay was $75. if anyone else is possibly half as lame as me and knows where to find it to rent or buy, i would pretty much love you forever (:
so anyway i believe i have rambled on with useless facts long enough so i'll jet for now. but hopefully i will keep up with this better for now on (: love ya!
just wanted to add a few pics from the past couples months (: