Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tues post #2

so i realize that it has only been a couple hours since my last blog but i have been pouring over shelb's because for whatever reason the last time i looked it didnt show me any posts past dec. anywho, it got me in the blogging mood again, and who cares, i havent blogged in three months anyway.
have you ever had a dream where you/someone you know quits? seriously, those are the worst dreams Ever. there prolly hasn't been a time where i didnt wake up with a huge feeling of relief afterwards. that definitely happened to me last night. i dream basically every night and sometimes they are soo real. this morning i woke up and was like ahh thank you Lord it wasn't real. i'm so thankful for all the people in my life i would hate to lose any of them. hopefully on to happier dreams tonight :)
isnt it sad how the week just creeps so slowly by and the weekend takes ab, oh, 5 secs and its over? i think it should be changed to the weekend is 5 days, and weekdays are 2....just saying (: naw i really do love my job, and i'm Very thankful for it, but i miss everyone during the week. i can't complain tho, bc i am constantly going and doing stuff. just ask my momma, bc she is constantly complaining ab it lol. i try to cram as many "small plans" into my week so it makes it seem less "weekday" like lol.
speaking of weekday plans, i'm definitely in the mood to start up monday night madness again. if you're reading this and have any idea what i'm talking ab or any interest in participating, you should comment (: since Everytime i suggest us playing the water game i get shot down, i'm apparently going to have to get everyone together and take them outside just for that haha. but seriously, i'm so up for some phase 10 movie night. can i get an amen? (:
well since i have rambled out tons more useless information i think this will be it for my blogging today. look for possibly a quotes/shoutout post tomorrow (: lots of love<3 -bee


  1. Uhhhh cha yeah on the MNM!!! I miss it! Me and Devan were so talking about it Saturday night! So count me in! (:

  2. I'm in for Monday night Madness!! Unless I get a job in Huntsville, then you can count me out :(

  3. that makes me really sad shelb bc i want you to come but i really want you to get the job! maybe a few times we can have it out hville way with all of them...and then yall can turn around and have tues night club haha.