Tuesday, March 15, 2011


okay so dumb little me couldn't find my blog. i would like to give a huge shoutout to shelb for finding it for me :) and giving me the ability to blog for the first time in almost 3 months. pretty sad, but my life isnt all that exciting lol. have i told you lately shelb that i'm so glad you started hanging out with us?? (: haha you Know you love me. anywayy...back to my boring life. things have been pretty crazy since new years....a lot of stuff has happened but i have to say i'm pretty stinking happy with my life right now. i seriously pretty much have the best group of friends in the whole entire world. and since i know it makes their hearts warm and fuzzy to see their name online (its almost like being famous) i'd like to say i truly deeply (madly?) appreciate these girls....jay dee aly brit april shelb tc and hilly...whew! seriously, my life would be uber dull without them. they make me laugh till tears are pouring and it makes blake ask if i'm crying over steadman and mindys wedding video haha. i hope all of you know i Love you! and i am always always here for you anytime, any day (:
but enough with the mushy stuff. what have i been up to? well last night i went to stay with brity bran for some quality sister time (: it was soo much fun. i hate that people have to live so far away, but my trips down there are always great. we went to frizzles (which is actually a restaurant, not a slang word jk decided to say) and it was super amazingly wonderful. i am officially a #1 fan of tin roof parfait<33 we came home and watched part of the bachelor (yayyyy emily!!!) we took some really really ridiculous webcam pics that prove why we are friends (bc we are seriously retarded) and stayed up till 1 in the morning even tho i had to get up at 7:20. it was pretty rough but i never seem to be able to shut up and go to sleep when i'm with my friends. so i did manage to drag my zombie self to work today and i'm feeling pretty good right now. but knowing me, about 8 oclock i will be in crash mode, lazing out on the couch watching some netflix movie. maybe it sounds lame but i love me some movies (: 
which leads to my major dilemma! okay, so maybe i'm a super huge nerd, but i LoVe old movies. yea i love 80's movies, but i'm talking like movies out of the 50's. oh yea. nothing says loser like a person born in the 90's watching something like that. but what can i say, i'm a sucker for them. so anyway, a lana turner movie called diane came on at work yesterday during my lunch break, so that resulted in me seeing only about 30 mins of it. i tried to find it on netflix, no such luck. and the only copy i could find on ebay was $75. if anyone else is possibly half as lame as me and knows where to find it to rent or buy, i would pretty much love you forever (:
so anyway i believe i have rambled on with useless facts long enough so i'll jet for now. but hopefully i will keep up with this better for now on (: love ya!
just wanted to add a few pics from the past couples months (:

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