Thursday, August 25, 2011

day 14

Day 14: A vacation you would like to take
beautiful fiji <33
BIG dream of mine (:

day 13

Day 13: Five strange facts about you
1: i can Not sleep uncovered. it never fails, i will try to be lazy and just lay on top of the bed and nap and i can. not. do. it. i end up having to get up and get under the covers.

2: my fave food is okra (: this is only strange if you know me and know how insanely picky i can be.

3. i can't let my fingernails grow out hardly because i always think there is stuff underneath them, no matter how much i clean them. then i have to cut them super super short. i almost always cut at least one into the quick. it's like an OCD thing.

4. speaking of OCD things, i also can't go to bed without checking my alarm at least once (on a good day).. but if i've recently changed it i will check it like 3 or 4 times. and i'm so paranoid i wont get up in time when i stn with people that i bring my alarm clock with me. its like a tradition for me to set the alarm at hil's, get in bed, then get back up to check it lol.

5. when i get a cold chill, i do this big shudder, entire upper body moving kinda thing lol. and trust me, my "friends" loveee to make fun of me for it lol.

the skirt and picture post (:

so i have been wanting to blog about this for awhile, but i was trying to wait till i could get some pictures. i've mentioned it on here before but i've really had a lot of people ask about it here lately. so i just wanted to put the price i make skirts for, and post a few pics of the ones i have been making here lately.

for a long skirt:
with seams: $20
if you remove the seams first: $10

for a short skirt:
with seams: $10
if you remove the seams first: $5

swim skirt:
until further notice i'll still do any swim skirt for $5 (: if its basketball shorts it'll be $10 with seams, $5 without.

if you want a long skirt, you will need two pair of pants. one for the actual skirt, one to be a fill in. the fill in pair does not matter what size you get, but preferably long length if they have them. as far as size in the other pair, try to get a size that is comfortable on you. you do not have to buy a bigger size.. i make the skirts a-line so they're not overly fitted. basically, if they pants fit you, the skirt should (: also on the pair that will be the skirt, you can get whatever length you like. if they only have long, i can hem it for you.
a short skirt will just need one pair. again, preferably long length. just makes it so i have more material.

i'm not perfect, and my skirts definitely aren't either. so if any of them start to come undone around the seams, you are more than welcome to bring them back and i will stitch over them again for free. or if the length is wrong, i will try to either hem it or let it out for you.

i love doing this, so if you or anyone you know wants some skirts made, please let me know (: i am going to try to do some scrubs as well. i have not yet so not sure about prices. i will have to see how hard they are to make. like i don't charge as much for swim skirts because i think they are easier to make. so we'll see how that goes (: i try to be fair with how i charge people.. because i used to not at all sometimes. but wether it seems like it or not, it is a Lot of work.. i'm basically just trying not to waste my time doing it lol. but anyway, spread the word! right now i can't take any new skirts in (i have about 9-10 here already) but if you will give me about a week, i should be able to take in some more orders. and this might not get any new people asking me about them, but i figured i'd try (:

here's some pictures of the ones i have made already. and then some pics from the past few days (: lots of love,

Monday, August 22, 2011

day 12

Day 12: A song that you want played at your wedding
i love this song and really want it in my wedding but i guess it depends on if jordan has it lol because i dont want to have the same (:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

week long update (:

i have had a super crazy busy week! but it has been a ton of fun (: i'll just break it down into days, as usual, and just leave out work because it was boring, as usual lol.
well i have pretty much become obsessed with volleyball since we put up our net. i. love. it. it really is my fav sport to play.. even tho i'm not so hot at it. it makes me happy (: so sunday night i asked mom if i could have the kids over to play the next night. so pretty much all our kids from church and josh and jess came to the house to play. we ate outside and then played volleyball till the williams kids had to leave. bro frank and sis chas had came over as well so riley and ethan stayed for awhile too and some of us played cards. after they left, me, alex, joey, and garrett all sat outside playing cards and talking. oh, and garrett showed off his wizard box skills lol. finally at about 11 everyone headed home and i hit the hay.
tues is church night.. which most of you already know (: so i txt amber and asked her if she wanted to come go to church with me. she decided to come to the house early so she got there not too long after me. when she got there she told me she was sick, so i went and got the thermometer. yes, i am pretty much mama to her half the time haha. thats what she tells me anyway. she laid around for awhile and after a little bit she asked me if you could sick off a tick bite and i was like i think so? and so she went and asked dad (i didn't know this till later, he told it at church that night lol) and he was like why did you get bit by one? and she was like no lol. if you know her, that is typical amber.. she is so random lol. anyway, we went on to church and meeting was Awesome.. the best we have had in awhile.. and i got one of the best blessings ever! it was great (: afterwards a bunch of us went to taco bell and just sat and talked for awhile. after that i took amber home then came back here and went to bed.
my only "off" night all week. i stayed in watching movies and working on skirts. i have soo many to do it is crazy. i need about ten "off" nights to finish them lol. if you need any skirts made, you should definitely call me tho, i love it (: i'm gonna put up pics soon of the ones i made, and put how much i make them for and how many pairs of pants you need, etc. anywho, i pretty much just chilled at home all night (:
bro tim decided to get our kids together to go sing at a nursing home but apparently he thought we needed practice first lol so from now till then we are going to be practicing every thurs. i am not really musically talented.. at all lol. but i figured i would try to go and be a part (: i dont think i really learned anything much at practice (bro tim is trying to teach us a little about music) but hopefully it will help us sound good by then! after i left there i came home to (you guessed it) work on skirts. i had bought taty some purple pants to make her a skirt for part of her bday so i had to finish those (: they ended up being adorable.. i wanted to keep them real bad lol. she told me they were her fave gift from me so apparently i did okay (: after staying up way too late i finally called it a night.
i went to taylors party for awhile and just kinda walked around the whole time talking to everyone the whole time. after i left there me, hilary davis, alex, and amber all came back here to stay the night. they watched me work on skirts for awhile and we watched the cutest youtube video everrrr. go look up laughing penguin right now. it will make your day (: anyway we finally went in the kitchen to get food and play phase ten.. which i am almost as addicted to as volleyball. and i was the champ last night which made me super happy. after that we went to the living room and stayed up talking for forever while i Still worked on skirts.. i stayed up about an hour after everyone else working on one. i finally called it quits at almost 4!
hilary had to work so she left before the rest of us got up, and started all waking up around 10ish. i got up and got alex and amber some cereal and then straightened up a bit so i could go lay out. we were going to just lay out and do nothing.. and that lasted about 30 mins till someone mentioned a water balloon fight. i had some balloons left over from decorating bail's car so i went to get those and we started filling them up. we then preceded to have the biggest fail ever. the balloons seriously would Not pop. some of them werent water balloons, they were just the regular kind, but about half were. alot of them seriously just hit us, hit the ground, and rolled away lol. we finally just started busting them over each other. after that we went out back to practice our volleyball skills because our games can be kinda sad lol. i had to come in pretty quick because mom wanted me to go get the kids so me and amber took alex home then headed that way. after we got back i took a quick nap then got ready and went to church. afterwards we went over riley and ethans to eat and play games. we played cranium (which is pretty close behind phase ten as being my fave game) but we had to cut it short because of the time. church lasted quite awhile so we didnt have a ton of time. after that i came home and now i'm on here (:
its been a really great week, and the weekend isnt even over yet! i've already got almost a completely full week next week too (: i'm really excited.. honestly for almost the whole rest of the year. its So packed out with plans with the kids at church (rafting next month!! ahh!!!) working on bails birthday present (:(: all the wedding plans i'm involved in, possible thanksgiving trip, already oct plans (:  its shaping up to be a great end of the year. hope everyone has as great a weekend as i am (:
lots of love,
bee <3

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 11

Day 11: A photo of you taken recently

i kinda skipped day 10 (: lol

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 9:

Day 9: A photo you have taken

older than old, but it makes me happy (:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 8

Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life

dear alyshia,
thank you SO much for helping me thru one of the hardest trials of my life. i 100% believe God put you in my life. there's just no other explanation for it to me (: we got so close when i felt like my life was falling apart. and for a long time, we pretty much only had each other. you were Always there for me.. and we were Always stuck together at the hip. if someone saw you, they seen me (: i really don't know where i'd be today if i hadn't had you. you were most definitely a very good influence on me (: i really don't know if i've ever felt as comfortable with anyone as i do with you.. i am 100%, totally and completely myself. and even if that means acting like i retard, i know you will just act retarded with me. thanks for all the late nights, phone calls, random trips to where ever.. letting me cry on  your shoulder when my grandparents died.. always encouraging me when i had a broken heart. all of the silly inside jokes.. spraying silly string in your room.. razlematazle and pookie puff.. the corn dog song (: i truly feel like we grew up together. i know i grew up and changed So much. i can't ever imagine not being thankful for you and everything you've done for me. i love you girl!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the super long picture post (:

 sitting at sea n suds.. yummo <3

this gaint jelly we found while we were taking pics.. and conner was definitely rubbing the top of it! nasty!

love (:

pretty cute little idea jessica suggested... think it would be awesome for a bride and her bridesmaids (:

this is why you dont fall asleep with us around (:

bailey jean's surprise to be (:

bailey jean is so down by the river! haha that was for you garrett!

where oh where would i be without these ladies? lamo-ville lol

bffizzles (: lol