Sunday, June 26, 2011

2nd part of the weekend blog

i finally did get up after that last blog to get ready haha. after i got ready i forced everyone up and out of the house because i was So pumped to go zorb. when we got to the mall and walked over there, some kids were already getting out on the water. i was kinda nervous so i decided to wait till they finished, and the kids after them finished. luckily when they were all done, most of the crowd had disappeared haha. well when i crawled in the zorb i had to get on my knees and lean over bc i couldn't hardly fit...but by the time she got it filled up with air, i could luckily stand up lol. and if you read bail's blog about it being hard to zorb.. well.. she wasn't lying. i busted it more times than i could keep up with. it was So much fun tho.. i loved it. i wanna go back when some of my friends will actually zorb with me.. bail hil and april all just watched haha. after that we had to rush to leave and get to p.f. changs.. bc after i quick stop in hot topic, we were already running late to meet the boys. when we got there we still had to wait a bit but thankfully not too long. we were starving! as always, p.f. chizzle's was amazing<33 definitely one of my favo places ever. we all discussed the various methods of eating a fortune cookie.. not surprising at all, almost everyone had a different way you were supposed to. i'm kinda leaning towards ben's theory, eat the whole cookie, then read your fortune haha. after we got done eating we headed down to orange tree.. or peach wave.. i'm still not entirely sure about the name. the sign outside said orange tree but most of the stuff inside said peach wave? who knows.. but they had these little strawberry liquid burst ball things and they were so yummy.. i wanted to buy just a bowl of them haha. after that the boys left and we walked down a little bit to take a couple pictures and stopped to see the dogs they had for adoption that day. i'm such a sucker for animals, i was like we have to leave right now! they were so cute and sweet.. i wanted to take them all home with me. after that we finally headed back to hil's and i made my sad journey home ):
today i went to smyrna with tc and derrick.. i love those kids (: ... then came back with mom and dad barely in time for church and headed to trenton. church lasted right at 3 hours.. but it was really good (: after that we came back here since it was already so late and now it's about time to hit the hay lol. then tomorrow is bday time! probably nothing too excited but i am super happy the bachelorette is coming on haha. lots of love<3
-bee chizzle (:
here's some pics (:
look at ole ross creeping lol
what cuties (;

my and ay sizzle (:

garrett, captian kurt, and me

i love me some hil zizzle (:

yes these are the Losers we hang out with lol

i'm loving garrett's face in these pics lol

we decided to creep on them playing xbox (: check out hil's eye up there ^^ lol

b zizzle and bee chizzle (:

at p.f. chizzle's

Saturday, June 25, 2011

updates from the gamble residence

so i'm sitting on hilly g's bed waiting on bail's to get a shower and us all get ready so i thought i would give an update on my friday night (:
after i got off work i waited for kenzie to get there so he could follow me to hil's house since he had never been. he finally showed up ab 5:40 and we headed on our way (: pretty much as soon as we got here hil's parents were ab to leave so we decided to go wait outside for everyone to either get here or let us know the game plan. and so started the air horn war. while hil was on the phone with the boys i "shot her in the ear" with the air horn haha. she wasn't too happy but i sure was (: after much debate, and me shooting down almost every suggestion, we Finally decided on bww's.
on the way there, i was soooo hyper. like giggling hysterically for no reason. i kept trying to tell kenzie and hil ab mine and aly's corndog song and i just couldnt do it. i kept on busting out laughing. at one point i spit drink Everywhere haha. oh good times. when we got to bww's, they ended up giving away the table we were supposed to be sitting at. so they were like they didnt know how long it would be anymore, after they'd already told us a 20 min wait on the last table. by this point ben, captain kurt, and garrett had showed up, but we were still waiting on april and blake so we decided to give it a few more mins on a table. and let me tell you....i really feel like those people just wanted us to leave So bad. it was ridiculous. and i kept telling our group that, and ben was like you sure have a lot of feelings lol. but anyway, back to story. april and blake finally grace us with their awesome presence, so we gave up and left to go to zaxby's. whenever captain kurt went to go tell the waitor, i told him the guy prolly just breathed a huge sigh of relief the we decided to leave lol.
we all got ordered and sat down and basically just talked and joked for awhile and then the boys decided to go outside to smoke. hmm. time for next airhorn war attack. i got ross this time (: twice (: somewhere during all this aly and britney showed up but they didnt want zaxby's so we finally decided to head back to hil's to play kinect, and me hil and kenzie headed to blockbuster to rent a game. um, big negative. blockbuster was definitely out of business :( they door said they closed at seven but somebody had went and wrote forever under it hahah. it definitely made me happy.
when we got back to hil's eric and blake had taken over the xbox to play zombies. can we say best night ever? i love that game so much. i was so excited that blake just handed over the i could be beat down by eric haha. he's so good and i'm so not. i love that little kid tho (: even if he did show me up. i don't really remember what  all we did....some played zombies....some played ping pong....some boxed haha. just basically a bunch of randomness. we ended up migrating to the living room when kenzie and aly left....where i sewed ben's lacoste alligator back on his shirt (: and we turned on adventure time and slowly people started going home. i don't remember exactly what time but FINALLY bail showed up. it made me So happy because i missed her so much. she came back in here a min ago and was like am i in your blog?!? lol so yes bail, you are (: anywayyyysss. we started watching adventure show ever!! until eric passed out in the floor and we decided we'd all go to bed.
this morning, next phase of air horn war. i woke up and hil's just sitting up on the air mattress and was like she basically didn't sleep all night. there went my plan to wake her up with the air horn. luckily, bail was still in a zombie coma state lol. so we get ready, have the cell on record, i blast the air horn near her ear and.....nothing. like no movement at all. bail's is a hardcore sleeper haha. after she got woke up i got her a couple times and she jumped enough to make me happy (: later i went to the bathroom and when i came out i walked by the couch and april had her cell on record and i was like what are you doing?? and hil came up to the side but i saw the air horn before she could try getting me. ha, epic fail guys! i am the air horn master haha. wellll since bail is laying right beside me and already completely ready, i better get up and get ready for p.f. changs and zorbing!!! more blogs for this weekend probably to come (: and pictures too.
lots of love (:

Monday, June 20, 2011

update (:

Sooo much has happened in the last 2 weeks I considered just blogging a bunch of pictures and not writing anything lol. But I haven’t blogged since last Monday, and I only did that for bailey, so I guess I won’t be lazy (: I will just break it down to before Huntsville revival, during, and after (:
The Wednesday before Huntsville revival started I decided to go to Skyline for their revival and stn with jay after. Jessica decided to stay with us too and go swimming the next day. After church we went back to jay’s to hang out with Jared and Jesse...after they left we ended up staying up talking for forever…if I’m not mistaken I probably passed out wayyy before they did…but that always happens with me lol. When I got up I waited around on April to let me know if we could go swimming and when she did I hurried and got ready and headed that way. I had a blast (: I love getting to be with everybody and I definitely love swimming. After that me Jessica and Jay went to my house to get ready to go to Flat Rock that night…and we were seriously beyond hyper. We were acting so crazy on the way home, but I had a ton of fun. I can’t wait to go to the beach with you guys (: (: (: it’s gonna be a blast! The next night I went to Griffen with Erik and Saturday I went to town with my parents to get tires. Afterwards I met up with TC and helped her try on wedding dresses….she ended up buying the first one she tried on…its beautiful (: but you guys will have to wait and see (: I finally came home, went to the viewing for awhile, then came home to pack for my week away at Huntsville…
Revival week:
So when I first found out dad was helping run revival at Huntsville, I’ll go ahead and admit, I wasn’t too terribly excited. But the closer it got, the more excited I was. I couldn’t wait for it to get here and now I am so sad it’s over. I hadn’t ever got to go out there much but I loved it. Not to mention BAILEY GOT THE HOLYGHOST! Ahhhh!! Last week was So much fun, but that was without a doubt the highlight of it. I am soo thankful I got to be there with her…and spend the rest of the week with her. She was (and still is) so stinking happy…it’s really infectious. You pretty much can not be around her and it not rub off. We had a Blast all week long. It never failed, every single night I got into bed after one a.m., knowing good and well I had to get up and work every single morning. We created about a million inside jokes, and laughed till we cried…pretty much every night lol. They’re definitely two of my favorite people in the whole wide world lol. My days pretty much consisted of dragging my tail out of bed every morning and going to work, coming back to Hil’s to get ready real quick, eat supper, and rush to church where we were almost always running late. Then having some awesome services at Huntsville, and staying out forever, going back to Hilary’s and staying up with them till 2:30 most nights, then repeating the same cycle again lol. It would take about 10 pages to write about all the ridiculous things we did, so I’ll spare you guys lol. Crazy and sleep deprived as it was, I wish it had lasted two weeks… but I’m so glad I got to go anyway (:
Saturday me and Hilary woke up and got txts from Kenzie asking us to go to Chatt town to watch the fireworks. Of course this was a definite yes, I’ve wanted to go watch them every year for like, forever, but we always have church. We were having a get together earlier that day so we had dismissed. I left before Hilary to go to the get together and we decided to meet up later at my house.  When Hilary got there we left to go meet the boys in Tiftonia to ride with them. We finally get there (18 mins late lol) and headed towards chatty. We were trying to decide where to eat but practically everything Kenzie suggested, I shot down. What can I say? I’m a picky girl. We finally just parked close to Coolidge and walked up to Hill City Pizza. It’s the first time I’ve ever ate there but it was really good. It is such a cute little place too, I definitely didn’t feel cool enough to be eating there lol. After that we walked down to Sweet Cece’s…and I’m sorry guys… I know pretty much all of my friends thinks it’s the greatest place ever but….my heart still belongs to Clumpies (: after that we walked back to Clayton’s truck and headed back across the bridge…not before James faked a fall right in front of someone hahah. Yea, true story. It was pretty much amazing lol. When we found a parking spot we walked down to the Hunter Museum to sit and wait for the fireworks. We just sat around and talked for awhile…while some punk little kids started smoking pot right beside us! There was seriously a Ton of people around us and they were definitely just rolling it out…it was ridiculous lol. But right after that the fireworks started and they were so awesome (: I don’t think I’ll ever be able to just watch them at someone’s house and it be the same again. After that we Finally headed back to our car to head home for the night. We didn’t do much but it was definitely super fun…I love hanging out with those kids (:
Well I know I have left out about a million things from the last two weeks, but this is as far as it goes for today lol. Here are some pictures tho (:

me and jay before church at skyline

me jay and jess

me and brooklyn

part of colt, me, and brooklyn

lexi april and aly

crazy face!

jordan after she broke the boogie board lol

aprils (:

us being crazy hyper after church at flat rock lol

in kylee's tree lol

before bail got the hg....

...and after (:

three of my absolute favorite people everrr<3

me and cat daddy


kyle somehow still having his eyes closed lol

lucas, dylan, layton, kyle, kylee, hil, bail, and me

me and bail and dylan creeping lol

kylee me hil and bail

sister wives

they all matched (:

i love these pics (:

helen lol

me and hil at hill city pizza...yummo<3

james and me

kenzie, hil, and part of me lol

there we go lol

freeze out!...sort of lol

kenzie being a tard

so...funny story...mid clayton driving, i decided i would suprise him and reach around and take a picture hahah. he actually did awesome and didn't drive off the road lol. i'm loving how i look like a total creeper here lol.

so you can't see it...but james definitely wrote poop on kenzies car hahah.

hope you enjoyed them (: lots of love <3