Sunday, June 5, 2011

weekend (:

I feel like I have been Soo busy the past few days. And I know it will probably continue to stay that way for the next month or so because of revivals. I love the summer though and I’m so glad it’s here (: here’s a little update of my weekend.

After I got home from work blakey and aprils came to pick me up and we went to chatty to meet up with james and kenzie. We went to TGIF’s and I pretty much ordered my entire body weight in food lol but it was super yummy. Afterwards we walked to the water steps by the aquarium but me and april were the only ones who would get in (the boys are uber lame) the water felt so great….I love this warm weather. After that we walked down to the river front and just sat and talked….this is pretty much the description of 90% of our Friday nights, just switch up the restaurants lol. We left there and me and april seriously probably bugged the mess out of blake because we were singing and dancing and overall being idiots and acting five lol. We ran by walmart and picked up a few things then headed home so we could “get up early” sat and go to Coolidge.

….we didn’t get up early lol. Well let me take that back. I got up not too too late and was ready to leave at 10:30…ish…lol. But after much dragging around me and aly didn’t leave till like 12:30 maybe? And didn’t get to Coolidge till after one I think. But it was so much fun (: I love love love getting in the water fountains and now thanks to my wonderful water proof camera I got to take some pictures out in the fountain. As soon as me and aly got there we walked up to subway because aly was really hungry so we grabbed some lunch and walked down to meet everyone. We played in the fountains awhile and then got icies. Then we got ice cream! Okay I know we sound like pigs but I am a sucker for clumpies ice cream and I hardly ever get it so I like to buy some about anytime we go to Coolidge. Needless to say, it was super delicious. We saw a homeless looking fella and Hilary realllyyy wanted to buy him ice cream but he looked really scary so I wouldn’t let her because I was afraid he would abduct us lol. I also finally got to take hil to the wonderful blue skies and all things groovy. Seriously, if you’re ever up at Coolidge you should check out these stores. They are pretty much the coolest placers everrr. I even found aly an inflatable turtle and we named him turt (: so now mr tuttles, turt, and eeyore can all be bestfriends together (: speaking of eeyore….if you are reading this bail…I know I already told you I missed you Saturday…but this is your own personal shout out (: I wish you could have been with us!! I love you cat daddy (: after we left me and hil got ready and went to Trenton and us, garrett, and alex met up with blake afterwards at lalitos. After that we came back here and pretty much crashed. But not before an interesting trip down roller coaster road (: (: oh the memories. Ba-boop! Bpp!!!! (:

Here’s some pictures from our outings (:

i love this pic so stinkin much (:

there was water on the lense ):

oh we love you ben lol

lots of love <3

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