Tuesday, June 14, 2011


so tonight had to be one of the very best nights i've had in a loonnnggg time (: after i got off work i headed to my home for the week and ate dinner with hil and her grandma and waited for bail to show up. when she got here we hurried up and got ready for church and headed to hville for church. when we got there and singing was over, dad got up and started preaching to the back. me and hil had already been talking about how amazing it would be if bail got the hg this week so i had been really hoping dad would preach to her this week. well he definitely went back there and was talking directly to her so i was pretty hopeful she'd crack. alter call came and sure enough, she hit the alter. hil was so excited she started beating my arm saying "she's going to the alter!!" the alter was so crowded but we managed to push our way thru and get over to bail. she prayed a pretty good while.. and i was kinda nervous she was gonna get up.. but i went to the bathroom and when i came back i could tell she was doing good. so i pushed my way back up to where i could see her and i really felt like she was about to make it. at one point she just doubled over laughing/crying and i was like oh man she is about to get it! and sure enough, in about five minutes she was up. and me and hil definitely went insane lol. i was jumping up and down screaming and crying and laughing. i was So happy i wanted to crawl over the bench to get to her. she was (and still is) so so happy. it made me happy just seeing her. me and hil snuck out the side door after church so we could catch her at the back of the church.. we had rode with her and we kinda felt like she might get excited and forget about us lol. we stood in the back for awhile.. and random people kept showing up.. and we ended up going outside to wait for everyone who was coming to see her. at one point me and bail hugged and said "i'm soo happy" at the exact same time. it was pretty much one of the best friendship moments ever lol. we finally got out of the parking lot and headed to baileys house to see more people. after everyone left we went inside and ate and headed back to hil's for the night. and we're all now just sitting on the bed talking about  how we can't believe we're still up. i hadn't planned on writing anything on here till i got home but i'm so proud of bailey i couldn't wait that long (: this has definitely like made my year (: i love cat daddy!!!!!! so much that i'm still up at 2:30 writing a blog for you lol. i'm so glad you finally made it.. and that you get to enjoy the rest of the week with us. you get reservations to sit by us the whole time!!! lol well that's it for now. when i get back home i will put up some pics from tonight (:
lots of love,

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