Wednesday, September 21, 2011

three years later...

i really cant believe i have went so long without posting a real blog. i'll go ahead and admit, i've been super lazy when it comes to my blog. but i have been Crazy busy the past few weeks.. i have been making skirts like every other day.. just started doing zumba twice a day.. work.. church.. add in weekends (and some week days) with my friends, i really dont have a ton of free time. okay, okay, i did devote several hours to bachelor pad 2.. i missed the whole season on tv so i watched it online. but that was totally the best few hours wasted... i know its just one big drama fest but i am a total addict. i cannot wait for the new season of the bachelor!! i love ben so i know it's gonna be great (:
speaking of skirts.. i have made a TON here lately.. and just picked up four more today. or five, i cant remember haha. but i really do enjoy it.. i'm not gonna lie, i'm pretty proud of my skirts when i see people wearing them (: not that it's real hard.. or that i'm so talented lol.. but it does take a lot of effort and i like seeing how crafty i can be (: about as soon as i finish what i have here, someone else brings me some. i'm definitely Not complaining tho.. so keep bringing me new orders (: eventually i wanna try to start making skirts from scratch.. like patterned ones and not just jean.. and maybe dresses and stuff.. we shall see. i'm also considering buying jeans and making skirts and trying to sell them that way.. maybe posting them on here.. what do you guys think?
so idk if anyone else is... but i am SUPER EXCITED FOR OCT!!!! ahhhh my Fave month everrrrr. i'm kinda sad tho bc idk where i'm gonna wear a costume this year.. i dont really have any parties to go to. i'm seriously considering just trick or treating lol. but besides that i am so pumped for haunted houses.. you cant hardly get me to do anything else during oct cause i'm so addicted. they're one of the most fun things to do for me. my oct is gonna be packed out... i can't wait (:
speaking of excitement... i'm going to the beach again next week! i'm going with my sister and bringing hilly with me. this will be our third beach trip together and i'm pretty excited (: i wish we were leaving tomorrow! hopefully i'll come back tan as a mexican haha.. just in time for jay's wedding.. but i'm not gonna blog about that till its over i dont think.. it makes me way too sad lol.
well this isnt as novel like as most of my posts but i have skirts to make and zumba and new shows to watch (: so lots of love till next time,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

crazyy long picture post cause i've been too lazy to blog here lately (:

bail thinking she's cool (:

trying to do a jumping pic.. but more looking like i'm about to punch someone lol

one of the best pics of the day lol

poofy elephant faces lol
look at bails face hahah

trying (pretty unsuccessfully) to take a pic at belk

ghengis time last friday (:

late that night at aprils gma's...few pics got out of order lol.

godmother, eeyore, and mom (:

love this pic lol

just chillin' with my bestfriends (: