Thursday, June 9, 2011

the most random blog everrr lol

know what i hate more than most things? not being able to sleep. i'm just sitting at jay's house while Everyone else is in bed....and i'm wide awake. i know i could prolly force myself to just lay there...and maybe in like an hour i'd go back to sleep. yea...not happening! so instead i got on here (:
you know what i love more than most things? adventure time!!!! hahah its such a great show. it makes my heart so happy. i actually had a bonding moment with colton over it lol. the kid seriously feels like my little brother and we fight allll the time....for us to agree on something besides loving jay and auburn, its pretty big lol. and he definitely just came in here and was looking at the background of their computer and its a pic of him jay and their parents and he telling me i should have been in it (: sometimes he is sweet to me. even tho all i said back was uhh i'm pretty sure i was taking the picture lol. so anyway....back to adventure time...if you haven't ever checked this show probably should, it'll make your life better. it does mine anyway (:
another thing that makes my heart birthday is in a little over two weeks!! and my parents finally bought a volleyball net to set up in our i'm definitely thinking about having everyone over and playing that's on a monday so we can't make any real plans till the weekend. i loveee me some volleyball...and i haven't got to play in like, a year. so that might be the most exciting thing about my birthday haha. other than the fact i'm turning into a big old maid lol. i can't believe i'm almost 21. i told mom the other day i remembered being little and telling nanny and all of them that i was gonna be at least 21 before i got married and out of college and all this.....welp, guess i got my wish lol. naw, i really do love getting older.....i feel like i have a little bit more freedom like every year lol. guess cause i'm so trustworthy (: lol
well since i think i have rambled on enough, i'm gonna get off here and go do something productie. lots of love (:


  1. you should have seem me reading this. lol i'm trying to stay awake and wait on derrick to get off work (he had to work FIVE hours over!!!!!!!!!) and i'm just kinda layin over on my hand and every stupid funny thing you say i just kinda blow out my nose instead of laughing. wait, maybe it was my mouth. i'm not sure. but i was laughing on the inside (: i love you bee. and colton! i wish he was my brother dude! he's awesome! oh yeah. jay's pretty cool too but anyways (: i love you. i need sleep.

  2. i'm so glad you're my bestfriend, you big loser (: i love youuu little sister!