Sunday, June 26, 2011

2nd part of the weekend blog

i finally did get up after that last blog to get ready haha. after i got ready i forced everyone up and out of the house because i was So pumped to go zorb. when we got to the mall and walked over there, some kids were already getting out on the water. i was kinda nervous so i decided to wait till they finished, and the kids after them finished. luckily when they were all done, most of the crowd had disappeared haha. well when i crawled in the zorb i had to get on my knees and lean over bc i couldn't hardly fit...but by the time she got it filled up with air, i could luckily stand up lol. and if you read bail's blog about it being hard to zorb.. well.. she wasn't lying. i busted it more times than i could keep up with. it was So much fun tho.. i loved it. i wanna go back when some of my friends will actually zorb with me.. bail hil and april all just watched haha. after that we had to rush to leave and get to p.f. changs.. bc after i quick stop in hot topic, we were already running late to meet the boys. when we got there we still had to wait a bit but thankfully not too long. we were starving! as always, p.f. chizzle's was amazing<33 definitely one of my favo places ever. we all discussed the various methods of eating a fortune cookie.. not surprising at all, almost everyone had a different way you were supposed to. i'm kinda leaning towards ben's theory, eat the whole cookie, then read your fortune haha. after we got done eating we headed down to orange tree.. or peach wave.. i'm still not entirely sure about the name. the sign outside said orange tree but most of the stuff inside said peach wave? who knows.. but they had these little strawberry liquid burst ball things and they were so yummy.. i wanted to buy just a bowl of them haha. after that the boys left and we walked down a little bit to take a couple pictures and stopped to see the dogs they had for adoption that day. i'm such a sucker for animals, i was like we have to leave right now! they were so cute and sweet.. i wanted to take them all home with me. after that we finally headed back to hil's and i made my sad journey home ):
today i went to smyrna with tc and derrick.. i love those kids (: ... then came back with mom and dad barely in time for church and headed to trenton. church lasted right at 3 hours.. but it was really good (: after that we came back here since it was already so late and now it's about time to hit the hay lol. then tomorrow is bday time! probably nothing too excited but i am super happy the bachelorette is coming on haha. lots of love<3
-bee chizzle (:
here's some pics (:
look at ole ross creeping lol
what cuties (;

my and ay sizzle (:

garrett, captian kurt, and me

i love me some hil zizzle (:

yes these are the Losers we hang out with lol

i'm loving garrett's face in these pics lol

we decided to creep on them playing xbox (: check out hil's eye up there ^^ lol

b zizzle and bee chizzle (:

at p.f. chizzle's


  1. im loving how in the 4th pic it looks like jk has wierd pigtail things comin out of his head lol. and also i love the pics of you &garrett... because on the one pic that he actually just smiled you did a crazy face! cant win for losing!

  2. i noticed those too! it made my heart happy haha. i love little garrett...who isn't old enough to be driving! haha seems like it anyway