Monday, July 4, 2011

i feel like i haven't blogged in forever! probably because i have taken up residence at the gamble's haha. seriously, i feel like i am there All the time. i don't remember the last thing i blogged about, so i'll just update since last wed (:
after i got off work i headed to (you guessed it) hil's house to get ready for oak grove that night. which basically consisted of me and hil sitting on her bed till we were running late to get ready. we were waiting on bail to get there since she had hil's outfit so we just talked for awhile till she showed up. when she got there we hurried up and got ready and headed on our way. after church we decided to go to mc d's.. which was a good thing because bail has developed a strong addiction to rolo mcflurry' seriously.. she is hopeless lol. we also saw bro totchie there and me and bail were definitely creeping haha.. we really love bro totchie and we were very excited he was there lol.  we finally headed back to bail's where me and her stayed up Forever talking and laughing while hil tried to sleep since she had school the next day. bail ended up going to sleep on the couch and we all crashed.
the next morning hil woke me up getting ready for school and i decided to go wake up bail because we were supposed to go swimming. i finally got her up and going and after leaving a nice little message on ben's mirror, we got around and left her house. the plan was to be at the pool by eleven... yeaaaa, that didn't happen. we didn't even leave bail's till like 11 or a little after. but it was all good because i got some sun anyway (: bail had to leave mid swimming... bc... well idk if hil wants me to blog this story, so you can ask her about it. it was hilarious, but not so much at the time lol. we decided we wanted to go to ross to get bail some swim shorts for me to make into a skirt and to go get some food so we definitely went looking like some homeless kids in town. we had nasty swim hair and everything haha. after we piddled around for awhile, we headed to hil's to get ready for oak grove again. that night we rode with ben and he let me drive his awesome car all the way back to hil's. it made my heart happy (: we went back to mc d's where once again, bail got a rolo mcflurry haha. don't ever bring these up to her unless you want to hear about how they are the definition of greatness. anywho, when we got to hil's we pretty much crashed bc me and bail had to get up early for work.
friday after work hil decided to come on up and stn with me, so that night me, hil, kenzie, and james went downtown to eat and go to the riverfront (like almost every friday night ever) we went to chili's.. which was delicious as always.. then walked down by the river and sat and talked for awhile. after that we headed to ben and jerrys, then decided to head home.
sat morning was my party day so me and hil got up and got ready and waited for layton to get here since we were riding with him. well, let me rephrase that. he ended up going outside and working with dad and waiting on me because of Course i wasn't ready haha. go figure. we finally headed out, like 20 mins after we were supposed to leave, and headed towards coolidge. when we got the only people there was kylee, erik, kenzie, donovan and pj i think. so we got out in the water a little bit waiting on everyone else. whenever everyone started getting there we headed up to hill city pizza to eat then went back out to the water. i had a ton of fun and thanks to all of you guys who went (: i got the BEST birthday present everrrr from my wonderful amazing bestfriends b*zizzle and hil*zizzle (:(: tom's!! i love them so much. i wanna wear them every single day haha. they got me some other stuff, but that was by far my fave bday gift of all. i love you guys (:(: we just chilled out there for awhile and then headed home so i could get ready for church at trenton. after church i met up with blake april and layton at krystals, then all kinds of people showed up. i stayed talking to april and blake till almost 12, which was a Bad idea since that put me getting in bed at one of after since i still had to wash my hair. but finally i got to go to bed (:
today i went to higdon all day long and church was seriously So good. the feeling was amazing, and of course bro frank and bro totchie did amazing. i am so proud the Lord is blessing their revival. i can't wait to hear about all the good things i'm sure are gonna happen (:
well that's it for tonight, but here are some pics of the week/ weekend (: lots of love and happy 4th of july to everybody!

this pic makes me So happy lol

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