Friday, July 8, 2011

busy, busy, busy...

That pretty much sums up my life during revivals haha. I feel like I have been going non stop pretty much since the beginning of summer. I love it tho (: I’m gonna be really sad when they’re over.  I actually remember the last time I blogged, sun night, so I’ll update from there (:
Monday I went to hil’s for 4th of july. I got there about 12 my time and just sat in hil’s room waiting for everyone to show up haha. Kenzie got there pretty quick after me and we decided that me, april, hil, eric,  and kenzie would head to walmart to pick up some water balloons.. and some other stuff.. yea I was helping hil and her mom unload groceries and I definitely smashed their jar of pickles out on their driveway.. so I decided to get some of those too lol. Anyway, we went to walmart where we proceeded to waste a whole lot of time doing nothing.. me and hil tried to hula hoop pretty unsuccessfully haha. It was pretty sad. After we finally got out of walmart we headed back to hil’s to fill up the water balloons. I started at the kitchen sink, and eric, hil, and kenzie went outside to the hose. But after a little bit it became apparent hil and kenzie were way more interested in squirting each other with the hose haha. Oh well, we ended up filling up a fair amount anyway. I think our water fight was pretty fun, even if you didn’t bail lol. We threw the balloons, randomly chased each other with the hose, and me and bail swung awhile… then I had one of the better parts of my day. The boys pretty much all let me pluck their eyebrows haha. It made me really happy. They were bigger girls then we are.. you’d think I was plucking their eyes out. It started with jk.. then kenzie.. then blake c.. back to kenzie.. ben.. april.. I pretty much should have started charging people lol. Let’s just say, I feel like the boys all look a little bit better lol. After that we all just kinda hung around the house, with some breaks for eating every little bit lol. At one point I had to show up blake c at some dance central. If you don’t know already, blake c likes to talk a lot of smack. So I had to take him down a few notches haha. Since being good at dance central is totally gonna help me later in life haha. Anyway, I totally owned him, but that’s not the best part about this story. If you haven’t played dc, mid song they let you do a “freestyle” and do whatever you want. Well eric was begging blake to do some dance.. I don’t remember what.. but mid dance blake Definitely ripped his pants. To say this was the best part of the whole day is probably an understatement haha. It was So funny. It still makes me happy to remember it lol. After that we all piddled around till time to shoot fireworks. Oh, except for ross and ben, who were lame and left to go to Athens lol. Me, hil, and kenzie decided to climb up on the roof to watch them. After I got up there I crawled around some.. but then I got scared that greg and eric were gonna misfire something and hit us so I got down and watched behind the safety of blake c haha. After the fireworks slowly everyone started to leave till it was just me hil and bail. Hil crashed pretty quick, but not me and bail. Idk what it is but me and her get So hyper when we stay together. Let’s just say at some point we started like rain dancing in the kitchen for a reason I can’t remember at all lol. I guess it’s just our bestfriend thing (: we finally finally went to bed.. at about 2 a.m. (even tho I knew good and well I had to get up early for work).. sure enough the next day I was pretty much a zombie haha.
Tues night I went to higdon.. I forced myself to stay till church was over.. but afterwards I just called it quits and headed home.. I was so tired I was Miserable. I got into bed reallyy early and got some amazing sleep (:
Wed while I was at work ben surprised me and showed up. He’d been to pg that morning and was down in town. It pretty much made my day.. I was so excited to see him. We talked for a little bit and he (like everyone else) told me I needed to go to pg that night. I had to run and buy a shirt for the next day so I could stay at my sisters, since I had planned on just going back to higdon. After running around a little in Scottsboro and then eating with tc, I headed to the mountain. After church me, bail, olivia, blake c, ben, dylan, and preston decided to go eat in Scottsboro. On the way there I called ben because the plan was to go to krystals but I didn’t think it was open. They were all like let’s just go on anyway, I think it is. Sure enough, I was right and it wasn’t. so we headed back to mc
After I made it thru work I grabbed some lunch on the way home then came back here and crashed. I was totally out. Mom woke me up I think and I realized I’d been asleep for about two hours. I was still so tired I felt like I was coming out of a coma haha. Luckily I still made it to church almost 30 mins early! I have done so good at higdon this week not coming in 5 till lol. I guess because I’ve learned how the crowd is there. After church I sat and talked to Jordan and erik awhile then headed home and now I believe after that novel it’s about time to hit the hay (: lots of love,
Here’s some pics from monday(:

balloon that stuck to my ear and i had no idea it was there lol

creating a line of cherry bombs lol

i taught captain kurt the turban towel trick haha

man i love blake's face here lol

us up on the roof (:

showing how mammoth jk's feet are lol


  1. there are a few of things wrong with this blog. 1st... you DID NOT pluck my eyebrows AT ALL! i was actually mentioning for like 20 minutes how i would never let somebody else touch my eyebrows! so ha!
    2nd.. krystals is spelled krystals.. not crystals.. i cant stand the place and even i know how to spell it. you dumb nut.
    3rd.. when you said we went to mcdonalds... you left bens name out. he would be hurt

    but. it did make me laugh when you said that we did raindances in the kitchen (: ill miss you this week... but hopefully ill see you FRIDAY NIGHT next week (:

  2. 1) bestfriends don't all the things wrong in each others blog!
    2) i was about to pass out on my keyboard when i wrote it, so sorry my memory failed me so much
    3) you won't see me at all if you don't tone down the attitude missy! haha just kidding (: i love you too much to drop you!