Tuesday, July 26, 2011

thankful for..

so i wanna start off by saying i am so thankful the Lord blessed last week at hytop! i had such an amazing time.. i'm really sad it's over. it was the last hytop revival i'll have with jay and that makes me Really sad. not to be a debbie downer.. but seriously.. so many of my friends are getting married.. its depressing. it's really like if you become bestfriends with me, you're gonna get engaged. forreal i am happy for all you guys that are leaving me..it's just a sad story lol. but anyway, i ran way off track. basically i just had the best week ever.. and came home with some hilarious memories.. some really good ones.. and some not so great. like um, when i rolled down jordan's stairs. this wasn't like a, oh slip and slide down on your butt kinda fall.. it was a feet flying over my head, miracle i didn't break every bone in my body kind of roll. it was pretty stinking embarrassing.. but kinda funny to think about now. and i have a HUGE disgusting bruise on my arm to show for it. i seriously have to be one of the clumsiest people i know.. cause i have been falling a Lot these days. what can i say, i am my momma's child (:
so since i have been home i have been trying to relax and enjoy not going every second of my life. it's been nice. we had a wonderful regular this weekend, and even had a pretty good amount of visitors. sunday night after church i went to heather melody and calebs house and we played games most of the night. it was really fun, and made me realize how much i've missed us having a ton of young kids. i'm So thankful the Lord is blessing our church and letting it grow. i'm very thankful for all our new members (:
i guess tonight i just have a thankful heart. i'm so extremely grateful for my little church. i feel so at home there, and i love being able to call it my home church. i'm proud of it.
i'm so amazingly blessed with the family i have. seriously, they are so incredible. my mom is like a rock these days.. i don't know how she makes it. she's seriously one of my hero's. i can't even imagine going thru what she has.. i would be so lost without my parents.. i'm just thankful the Lord has been helping her. and for all of you who have been praying.. THANK YOU! it touches my heart for so many people to ask me about mom and tell me they are praying. if you ever ever thought you were bothering us.. dont! you help the days get easier. but i'm also so thankful for my dad.. my sister.. my Amazing neice and nephews.. my brother in law.. and so many more. i just feel blessed to have been raised around these people. i love them to death (:
and of course the friends God has been so gracious to put in my life. and i truly believe God put some of them there. i can tell where they have helped me thru some of the worst times in my life. like jay.. we've been closer and stayed bestfriends longer than any of my friends.. we've been thru everything together it seems like. she knows more about me than anyone i know probably.. i'm pretty much gonna fall apart when she gets married lol i won't know what to do with myself. i'm so used to her just being there and knowing i can depend on her all the time.. i'm gonna miss her tons :( she's one of the most amazing girls i know and i'm veryyy thankful to have her. and then there is dee.. God sent me her when he knew i needed her most. and she has been one of the most true friends i have ever been lucky enough to have. she's been my rock, my shoulder to cry on.. the one i call with a broken heart at all hours of the night.. and always my fox buddy (: and tc.. pretty much my adopted little sister (: we've kinda just formed our own little family, i pretty much love her as much as if she was. she puts a lot of humor in my life.. and i'm so glad i have her. she's one of my bestfriends.. and i prolly wouldn't have made it the past few months without her(: hil.. man.. we have been thru a TON. i feel like we've been growing up together the past few years. she knows more about me than almost anyone. her home is for sure my home away from home.. and i feel so comfortable there. i feel like i live there haha. she's one of my very very bestfriends.. i truly, 100%, feel like i'd be lost without her. and april. oh april. who in the world do i act more ridiculous with? um.. nobody! she's the person you know will always pull thru for you.. i appreciate her soooo stinking much. you will never ever know how much her and blake saved me when my grandparents died.. they did anything at all i wanted or needed.. and basically just got my mind off of everything. i feel like i will always be in their debt. but more than that.. she's just been an amazing friend.. one of the best.. i love her to death (: and of course little b*zizzle bailey jean (: oh how i love her so so much. she's amazing all around.. and the best for staying up late talking nonsense with. i can't even imagine my life without this kid.. i hope i never have to (: she's definitely one of my bestfriends as well.. as are all of these girls.. i love them to death (: that's just a few of my friends.. and i could write much much more about every single one of them.. and who knows maybe i will in the future.. for now i hope that gives you guys a little bit of an idea of how much i appreciate everything (:
overall.. i'm just thankful for my life. it isn't perfect, and i don't have it exactly as i want it. but i know i am blessed, i have the holyghost and a home in heaven. and no matter how my life ends up, that will always be enough (:
lots of love to you all <3

some more pics from hytop (:


  1. Well Miss Brett Elizabeth....the cutest, best dressed girl ever....you are not too shabby yourself...I look at you and see a strong young lady who I admire for the way she carries herself and her love of living for the Lord....We think you are grand in our house and no one could convince us different...love ya Bee

  2. thanks, that means a lot to me! i love you guys!