Wednesday, July 13, 2011

so it's almost been an entire week since i blogged but, like usual, i have been going pretty non stop. so i'll just pick back up with last friday (:after i got off work i went to higdon for their last night of revival. after church was over i noticed kylee and erik had just disappeared, which i thought was kinda weird but i was like okay. i went and asked mom if i could go home because i was super tired and they were who i would normally be hanging out with. well sure enough, there was a reason they left. at about 12:30 erik called me to tell me him and kylee got engaged. i'd known for a little while when he was gonna propose, much to kylee's annoyance haha. but he even surprised me, i hadn't been expecting it till the next day. but either way i am happy for them.. congrats guys!

me hil and kenzie were planning to go to chatt town so i got up a little early to clean before hil showed up. when she got there we got around and headed to trenton to meet kenzie. we took hil by to meet kenzie's mom, then we headed downtown with no plans what-so-ever lol. after driving around awhile we finally decided on ghengis grill.. which ended up being a great decision haha it was so good. i even got to try some watermelon lemonade, which tasted like the pink starbursts haha. after that we headed to the mall.. which ended up just being hil and kenzie following me around while i shopped. i'm pretty sure i'm the only one who bought anything at all lol. at one point me and hil found a necklace at american eagle that had a mini harmonica on it that actually worked! don't ask who tested it out to see haha. if any of you know blake golden at all, you know he has developed a recent.. obsession i'd say lol with harmonica's. i wanted to buy it so i could bug him with it like he bugs me with his harmonica's but i decided i'd pass it up that day (: after we left the mall we headed back to trenton to get hil's car since i had church that night. after church i went to eat at raphaels with the kids from my church. after that i headed home to start getting ready for church the next day (yepp, i have to start the night before! haha)
i got up with full intentions of going to sardis with my parents but about 20 mins till leave time, i bailed and decided to go to stevenson haha. glad i did tho, i had a really good time. i hadn't known till that morning that bro totchie was running it or there would have been no question where i was going lol. i love to hear him preach (: after church i headed back to trenton that night because i've been skipping a lot for revivals, so i figured i better show up there instead of stevenson lol. after church i went with blake april and jameson to mc d's, and joey met us a little later. we definitely got super excited when we found out they had mini light sabers as their toys. this then definitely ended up with us "dueling" and pretending they were wands the whole time haha. we finally called it a night and all headed our separate ways.
after work i met up with tc at stevenson and went to her house till church time. lex showed up and ended up riding to church with us.. and we actually made it on time! which i wasn't too sure was gonna happen haha. church was really good.. they even had one make it! lexi's friend from school, amber. after that we went to mc d's for a few mins but me bail and hil ended up leaving pretty quick and heading home.
so kylee had asked me to come eat with her and some girls last night but she wouldn't tell me why, or who was going. i was like hmmm this is a fishy story lol. well i told her i wanted to come but i didnt think my parents would let me skip church without a valid reason. so i txt her monday telling her i was pretty for sure i couldnt come but i would let her know if something changed. well later mom informed me sister suzie called her to ask if i could go! haha so they caved and i got permission (: after work i headed to hil's first to change, since i wasnt supposed to meet the girls till 8. i sat and talked to hil for a few then left to head over to las mayes. when we get there kylee is carrying a huge bag and a basket. even more fishy, as some of the girls pointed out. so she went to the end of the table and announced she had bought us cupcakes but we had to wait and open the boxes all at the same time. turns out she had put little signs in them that said "will you be my bridesmaid?" they were so stinking cute! of course we all said yes.. well with the exception of hilary simmons saying no to be mean haha. after we ate and talked awhile we all said goodbye and left. i headed back to hil's to find her on the phone with kenzie. shocking. so i went inside to take a shower and when i came back out, she was still on the phone. another shocker. so i decided to go walk on the treadmill. ha! idk what i done but i set it on some setting that kept randomly changing the incline. at one point it had it up on 7.. when i really just wanted it on 3 haha. i was so tired when i finished i just went and collapsed in hil's room where we did pretty much nothing at all the rest of the night haha. i feel like it's the laziest we have ever been ever. at one point eric came in there and was laying in the bed talking to us and he told me he felt like i was pretty much his second sister. it definitely made my heart happy (: me and hil actually got in bed at a reasonable time.. i have a sneaky suspicion this was because bail didn't stay.. just saying (:
so far nothing worth blogging about has happened today.. just woke up, went to work, then came home and went to stevenson with mom and dad. but i'm sure you guys will receive another update after this weekend, as always (: lots of love
-bee <3
here's some pics from the weekend (:

sun at stevenson

yepp. those are mini light sabers lol.

i sure do love aprils face in this one lol

yea.. he is proposing with it hahah


  1. I love love LOVE the last pic...the one of James "proposing" cause you look all giggly-girly & so sincerely happy! hahaha (: I love you Bee! I miss you sooo much already! Can't wait to hang with you soon! (:

  2. hahah i know... i wish you could tell more that i had popped my foot up haha. oh well, only proposal i'll be getting haha. i know i miss you guys too! but i'll probably see ya friday (:

  3. Goodness....why didn't I think to ask for a light saber instead of a ring??? lol. Again, i'm so glad you got to come Tuesday. I'm excited for you to be apart of it! I realized when I left I had talked like 90 to nothing the entire time i was there! ha, pretty sure you probably think i'm crazy!

  4. im glad that even though i barely saw you ANY this week my name still appears in your blog on more than one occasion lol

  5. haha i am really glad too kylee! no i was happy you were talking.. i was really nervous haha since you and hilary were the only ones i know real well.
    of course you were bail! when do i blog and not mention you? it might have something to do with the fact that i see you alllll the timeeee!! haha