Monday, August 8, 2011

beach day

i'm soo excited.. in just a few short (well.. feels more like long) hours i will be beach bound! i can't wait!! i am taking a break from the 30 day challenge till i get back. but i figured i would give an update before i left or i never would lol.

i had decided to have a chill night at home so i stopped by redbox after work and picked up a couple movies.. well ten minutes later i had made the decision to head to melisha's party lol. i'm really glad i went tho.. i had a ton of fun! amber decided to come stn with me so after we left we went to the house and stayed up talking to mom forever.. we finally crashed about 2 or so.

i got up and started cleaning house for awhile.. and then me and amber sat down to watch just go with it. it was a pretty cute feel good movie. after that blake and april came over and we watched the adjustment bureau (Amazing movie! i loved it.. you should definitely check it out) after that we played some phase ten. hil showed up mid game and we ended up quitting so we could all go get ready for church. me and hil headed to griffen so she could have some boyfriend time lol. after church we went with jonathan caleb alicia tc and amber to taco mamacita downtown. i've wanted to go for awhile.. not gonna lie, mostly because the name lol. well everyone rags on me about how i wont try anything new ever so i decided to order a lamb taco. gag! it was soo gross. i'm pretty sure it about made me sick. i was just laid over in the car the whole way home.. never again! lol. after we got back to the house we talked till about 2 and finally hit the hay.

i went with hil back to griffen and after church some of us went over kenzie's and played phase ten. hil's oil light had been coming on so we went to the store to buy some oil. well kenzie got the wrong kind so we went inside to see if they had the right kind. well before we made it back outside it was Pouring... like monsoon lol. luckily it passed in just a few mins and we got her some oil and headed back to my house. after changing real quick we headed to trenton that night (hil decided to stay because huntsville had dismissed) of course we were running late because i always seem to be at trenton. we were in the bathroom and about to walk in and i heard them singing i do not walk alone. my jaw dropped and i looked at hil real excited and was like its the song!! haha me olivia and garrett sung this over and over at toney during revival and we drove bail crazy. of course hil had no idea what i was talking about but i got so excited anyway. church was Amazing! i was wanting hil to testify soo bad.. i was trying to pray dad would ask her too.. he pretty much Always asks visitors too. he kept looking at her like he was going to but he ended up giving alter call and i was pretty disappointed. i was like cmon dad you always ask people to testify! well sure enough after alter call he was like i want someone to testify before we leave. and hil definitely got an amazing blessing.. it was So good. she got free and was definitely crying and i was definitely crying.. i'm very glad i got to be there (: after church we went to caleb and mel's with some of the young kids. we played (you guessed it) phase ten lol and after that we played imagine if and curses. i am pretty much the master at curses.. at least when i play with the trenton kids (: after that we headed home and i finally started packing. i know.. procrastination at its best lol. i finally got in bed about 12:30.

so this will be it till the weekend.. when i'm sure i'll have a Ton of pictures and a long beach blog. hope everyone has a great week!! lots of love,

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