Wednesday, August 3, 2011

special bday post... (:

so i like to put posts on here for my friends on their bdays.. since you guys are so awesome (: lol.. but this one is a little special.. because it's a lot more important than your normal birthday! i knew i wanted to post one for her and i was hoping to do it first thing this morning but oh well guess lunch break will do (: i just want to say happy holyghost birthday to devan! i'm soo proud of you girl! i have so much confidence in you. you really have no idea! every time you get a blessing and i am lucky enough to be there, i feel so proud to be your friend. you are an amazing person... definitely one of the best i have ever met.. and i couldn't be more happy how the Lord worked your life out!..
i met this girl almost 3 years ago exactly (: it was the week she got the holyghost. i had known who she was and possibly said a few words in passing.. but i didnt really know her. i remember going to sylvania the week she got it and meeting her and lex.. they had both just got the holyghost and idk what or how it happened but i became friends with both of them. i have seen dee come thru so many trials.. and happy times too.. and i have so much confidence she'll make it thru all the ones to come. we haven't always been as close as we are now.. but i think the Lord knew just how much i needed her last year and we just bonded. i'm so thankful! like i said before.. she is an amazing person.. but an even more amazing child of God.. and i'm just thankful she is in my life!
i just wanted to post something to let you know how proud i am of you bug! i hope you have the best day ever (:
love you tons!!


  1. Aww!! You about made me cry! Seriously that was soo sweet. When I read the part about "i have seen dee come thru soo many trials"... It made me think of one really tough one, probably the toughest one I have had so far... You would text me, call me, stay with me, come see me, invite me to Trenton on tuesday nights... Half the time you would say things that encouraged me and lifted me up so much and you not even know what was going on. I thank the Lord for you. I thank you for being such a wonderful best friend to me, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to lean on!
    thanks Bee!! I love you so much. Can't wait to go to Heaven with you (:(:

  2. well any help i was probably ended up being repayment for all the times you helped me haha. i feel like anytime i txt asking if i could call you just immediately knew something was wrong. and most times you knew what it was about too. i love you too bug!!