Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 3: A favorite book

Day 3: A favorite book
oh man. not a good question to ask me. i Love to read.. its not uncommon for me to be reading a couple books at one time lol. this is definitely not all but these are a few of my faves

probably my absolute fave of all time. amazing book <3

love all three of these (: waiting to read the fourth till the next one comes out lol

so obviously this isnt a pic of a book lol but i didnt want to pick just one of these books. and look how cute they look up there (: if you dont know it, i am in Love with the harry potter books. i pretty much grew up reading them. i have reread them over and over again.. actually i'm rereading them now. if you never have, you should, bc they are amazing (:

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