Thursday, August 25, 2011

the skirt and picture post (:

so i have been wanting to blog about this for awhile, but i was trying to wait till i could get some pictures. i've mentioned it on here before but i've really had a lot of people ask about it here lately. so i just wanted to put the price i make skirts for, and post a few pics of the ones i have been making here lately.

for a long skirt:
with seams: $20
if you remove the seams first: $10

for a short skirt:
with seams: $10
if you remove the seams first: $5

swim skirt:
until further notice i'll still do any swim skirt for $5 (: if its basketball shorts it'll be $10 with seams, $5 without.

if you want a long skirt, you will need two pair of pants. one for the actual skirt, one to be a fill in. the fill in pair does not matter what size you get, but preferably long length if they have them. as far as size in the other pair, try to get a size that is comfortable on you. you do not have to buy a bigger size.. i make the skirts a-line so they're not overly fitted. basically, if they pants fit you, the skirt should (: also on the pair that will be the skirt, you can get whatever length you like. if they only have long, i can hem it for you.
a short skirt will just need one pair. again, preferably long length. just makes it so i have more material.

i'm not perfect, and my skirts definitely aren't either. so if any of them start to come undone around the seams, you are more than welcome to bring them back and i will stitch over them again for free. or if the length is wrong, i will try to either hem it or let it out for you.

i love doing this, so if you or anyone you know wants some skirts made, please let me know (: i am going to try to do some scrubs as well. i have not yet so not sure about prices. i will have to see how hard they are to make. like i don't charge as much for swim skirts because i think they are easier to make. so we'll see how that goes (: i try to be fair with how i charge people.. because i used to not at all sometimes. but wether it seems like it or not, it is a Lot of work.. i'm basically just trying not to waste my time doing it lol. but anyway, spread the word! right now i can't take any new skirts in (i have about 9-10 here already) but if you will give me about a week, i should be able to take in some more orders. and this might not get any new people asking me about them, but i figured i'd try (:

here's some pictures of the ones i have made already. and then some pics from the past few days (: lots of love,


  1. I DEFINITELY need some shorter skirts! Mom is so excited about the scrubs too, btw.. she's been talking about it all the time. haha

  2. well forreal hit me up soon.. i got 4 more done tonight (i think) so hopefully i will be finished with the ones here pretty quick. amber just gave me 11 lol so i've been working thru those.

  3. Betcha learned to charge more for basketball shorts cause of me! (; hahahaha You do great work! Keep it up homes! I love you Bee!