Monday, August 15, 2011

well it's finally back to the real world.. i havent been at work in a week and i'm not too ready to go back haha. i set my alarm to get up early and walk.. that didnt work out so i figured i'd write my update blog (:
our beach trip was amazing (: it was supposed to rain all week long but i think every single one of us was praying (i know i was) and it was beautiful every day while we were there. it stormed a little at night but it was super sunny while we were out on the beach. me and christy got so cooked we only went out two days.. and i'm definitely paying for it. i've already been told different times my neck looks like its on its way to cancer its peeling so bad lol. it itches like crazy.. but other than that i'm actually not peeling too bad.
we left out after me and jessica got off work and we headed to pick up conner and hunter. fast forward six long hours later we arrive at gulf shores at like 11. we were so excited to finally be there we walked out on the beach for awhile and ended up sitting on the deck till like 3 a.m. lol. it felt soo good we considered sleeping out there (and jessica actually did) but i finally called it a night and went to bed.
pretty much just consisted of beach all that morning. whenever we came in we got ready and went to tanger to shop. they were grilling out at the house so we decided to come back there and eat. after that we started playing phase ten, which became the beach game lol we played almost everyday. when we finally quit because it was taking so long, we decided to go upstairs and watch insidious.. which is really dumb. don't watch it. and before you comment on this april and defend it, you Know it ends dumb lol. but it definitely scared jay and i had to go sleep in her room because she was too scared to get out of our bed lol.
another beach day (: but when i came in i was so cooked i was kinda worried i was gonna get sun poisoning.. i looked pretty bad. but not as bad as christy who was swollen all over. we decided to go back into town even tho we looked like lobsters lol. we went to some of the gift shops then we went to eat at sea n suds. it was really good and its right by the water. i loved it. i even tried fried oysters.. nasty!! don't ever do it!! even fried they were super slimy and i had to force it down.. yuck. after we left there we went to a few more shops and went and got some ice cream. when we got back i think we played phase ten lol i'm not real sure. and probably laid out on the deck again.. seriously it felt amazing at night. i think i hit the hay before everyone else but i'm sure it was still around 2 lol.
so since me and christy figured we shouldn't chance going back out yet, we took conner to tanger to let him shop some. neither of them had ever went to the beach so i was like we Have to go to lamberts. and it was delicious of course (: when we got back we all hurried and got ready and went out and took beach picures. after that we all ate supper and watched soul surfer. which actually Is a good movie. you should check it out! i think it was making jessica cry lol. i think this also ended up being another late night out on the balcony.. we knew it was our last day so we decided to stay up real late even tho we had to get up at six thirty. i think i went inside before everyone else again lol because this old lady needs sleep.
we actually left the house only 17 mins after we were supposed to.. which i think is like a small miracle for three girls lol. we started off and the gps was taking us on the interstate.. but somewhere around bham it started taking backroads.. and did that the entire way home! it took us foreverrr to get back. it forreal took us thru ghetto town in bham lol it was crazy. we finally made it back to sboro and i headed to hil's to meet ben and go to the hoppers concert. i pretty much just got there, went in and changed and left lol. the concert was actually pretty good.. i like the bowling family the best tho. we ended up leaving a little early because ben had to work sat and we still had to go eat. we ended up going to mellow mushroom.. i hadnt ever got to go so i was really excited. i wasnt sure what to expect because i've heard such mixed reviews on it.. and i had pretty much decided you either really love it, or reallyy dont like it lol. well, i loved it! it was soo good. i took the rest back to hils and i ended up eating part of it for breakfast lol. i am so excited the built one by her house cause i am there All the time and we will definitely be going back (:
well i was really bummed out because i hadnt got to see bailey in Foreverr and it looked like i wasnt gonna get to see her this time either. i kept thinking i wanted to surprise her at work the next day with zaxbys but i had no idea when her break was or when i had to head back home. so i txt mom and she was like just come home in time to get ready for church. so i was like okay good i can go see bail now. and while me kenzie and hil were talking about what to do i was like yall gotta take me to walmart, i wanna buy some balloons and a car pen. we ended up buying ballons, lifesafer mints, a car pin, and those mini boxes of cereal. i was trying to think of some candy i could put in the balloons that wouldnt melt, and i was like bail is Always eating cereal, so i opted for that (: i thought maybe, maybe, we could get the cereal boxes inside the balloons, but yeaaa... no lol. i managed to get on bag in a balloon, after i took it out of the cereal box. i was so excited and i was trying to shake it to get the bag to stop being squished, and the balloon definitely popped in my face lol. i gave up on that idea after that and started filling them with life savers. i was really worried bail was gonna go on break and catch me decorating her car so we decided to go eat zaxbys first. i txt her and asked if she wanted to come and she asked me to bring her some so i got to bring her zaxbys anyway (: after we talked to her awhile we acted like we were leaving, but secretly just going to tape balloons all over her car lol. i got out there and had written all over the windows, taped the cereal boxes in the shape of a smiley, and had got almost all of the balloons on her windows.. was feeling so proud of myself.. and i look up and there is bailey! yes, they let her off early and she Still ended up catching me lol. oh well, its the thought that counts (: after that kenzie and hil took me back to her house and i changed and left to head home.
nothing else too exciting happened over the weekend, so i guess i better go get ready for work (: here is some of the pics, i will try to make a post later when with the rest from the beach and from sat. lots of love!

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