Thursday, March 31, 2011

for carly (:

this is for hilary brook carly shay gamble (:


h-h-hilary that's her name
but you can call her carly 'cause it's almost the same
rockin' out to miley and the jonas brothers
cooler than her? you won't find no other
been keepin' it real since '93
she's an old school gangster, that's why i call her hilly g
my homie, my pal, my long lost twin
i love you hil and that's the end!

happy birthday!!!!! thanks for the past 2 and a half years. we've been thru so much but i'm glad i'm still able to call ya one of my bestfriends (: i have seriously some of the funniest memories with you... look outside! look outside! (said in ghetto hick voice) and proceeding to clean up toilet paper at TWO A.M.!! because we're scared your mom will be mad lol. i think that earns us the bestfriend badge for life lol. i can't wait to see what all crazy things we do this year. i love you kid<3 don't forget it!

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