Tuesday, March 22, 2011

chocolate envy

so tonight i decided to go see my lovely bestfriend hilly g and stn with her and bail. after we creeped around walmart for about an hour and yelled yea?! at some guys who whistled at us, we came back here and have been sitting on the bed doing squat for almost 2 hours. hil randomly found some old choc phone that she bought from bail. but it wont turn on so we decided i would take it apart and see what we could do towards fixing it. well after taking  it apart and pulling out a piece of fuzz, bail is convinced that this phone will magically work. welp, shockingly enough, it wouldnt work. so bail decides it needs to be charged. so she starts roaming thru the house trying to find a charger. no luck. so we get sis alison's choc and change the batteries. no luck. so bail is Still convinced it needs a charger. she decided to look up a video on fixing a choc, and after watching a guy like completely take his phone apart, she was like i think this is trying to tell us we need a charger. needless to say, if you can fix hil's old phone for bail, she will prolly adopt you and love you till the end of time lol. you will be moved to the front of her phone above aaaaa shelby justin beiber BEASST and be her number one bestfriend lol.
honestly tho i do hate finding an old phone and being soo excited to see what old stuff is on there and what old pics you took and old txts you sent and old txts you saved and bam! Nothing you do will cause this little instrument of mystery to turn on. so, bailey jean, i Do feel your pain. and perhaps one day i'll bring you a choc charger. and btw, you're NOT walking to walmart tomorrow. i love you guys!!! thanks for making my tues night a little less lame.
lots of love!


  1. Wow. When I read that Hil found an old Chocolate, I automatically assumed you meant chocolate... candy! I was hoping that you wouldn't say y'all ate it. I'm super glad that it didn't work. & I pray no one DOES fix it... because NO ONE will be #1 in Bailey's phone!!! EXCEPT ME!

  2. oh shelby, how little you know....bc i am to grab bail's phone and make my name more awesome than aaaa shelby!!!