Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wonderful wednesday...

soo today i was super excited on my way home bc i was like, yay, i can blog! sometimes i feel so nerdy that i wonder how i possibly have friends. thanks guys for accepting me and making me feel like there are ppl out there even less normal than me (:
so anyway today was pretty interesting. i get to work and i kinda hear a thumping noise but i am practically a.d.d. so as soon as i get out of my car it leaves my mind. welllll when i go on break i made a run to rue 21 and it seriously sounded Horrible! i pulled over twice to look at my tires and such to see what was going on. i couldn't find anything so i made my way back to good old family savings. when i got back i asked everyone if they knew anything ab cars and told them my car was making a weird noise. they asked what it sounded like and i told becky it sounded like a troll was holding on to my tire and i kept running over him ( really did) anyway i get jess outside and we are checking everything we can think of and driving it all over the parking lot inspecting the sound. we finally get down on the ground looking underneath (in dress clothes might i add) and see part of my bumper is hanging down so i'm like yes! we found it. so i ran inside and got a huge plastic clip and clipped the bumper together (if that's not redneck idk what is lol) but just when i'm feeling so accomplished for figuring it out, we get in the car to test it, and the troll is STILL thumping. well turns out we Finally saw the worlds largest screw/bolt/metal contraption of evil lodged in my tire. so all i ended up having to do was get a plug put in my tire. thank you Lord for it not being anything serious (:
other than that my day was pretty well an average wed. work, eat, and on to american idol <33 i'm a total addict. and gotta say, this season has been Amazing! i love pretty much everyone on there. it makes my heart happy.
so i know this was supposed to be quote/shoutout post but i have already rambled on soo much and i want to start the 30 day challenge shelb is doing so i'm already at 2 posts today haha so i guess i will save that for later. much love to everybody (:

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