Sunday, April 3, 2011

what a week

this week has been absolutely Crazy! i feel like i haven't stopped going since tues. tc has been getting me into couponing and i've seriously been spending so much time doing that...i feel like it's consuming me haha. tues after work i went and met tc and shopped around a little in stevenson till church time then headed straight to church. came home and went to bed, work the next day, and off to kmart as soon as i got off. an hour and a half later i Finally leave kmart to head to tc's house to do (yes, more) couponing. we hit up cvs, family dollar, and walmart. dee met up with us about half way thru so we just kinda halfway hung out, halfway shopped. we finally get back to tc's about 11-11:30 and dee was staying the night with me so we get back to my house around 12ish. we knew we had to get up early the next day, but sure enough we stayed up till 2 anyway, and took some pretty interesting pics lol.

so after we finally went to bed we got back up at 7:30 to get ready to go meet my sis and her kids to go to hville to shop and go to chuck e cheese.

we stayed up there till about 5 and we Finally got back to dee's at 6:45, turned right around and went to chatt to meet her grandparents at p.f. changs (yumm!) and go register at target. i ended up getting home around 11 and pretty much going to bed asap.
friday i went to work and met my parents, bro shannon and sister kellie, and kenzie pretty quick after work at triple r to eat before the singing. then me and kenzie headed over there and parked in pretty much the most illegal parking spot ever haha but luckily it didnt get towed while we were inside. the singing ended up being reallyy good (the isaac's were Amazing!) and i got back home about 12. i got up sat morning and went down to tc's to (you guessed it) go couponing some more! we went to chatt town and hit up target, walmart, five guys, rue 21, blockbuster, old navy, and the dollar tree. we left there and headed to cvs (which is pretty much our fave ever) and went on straight to griffen for church. afterwards me tc derrick kenzie and james met up with blake and april at rafaels to eat (if you can't tell by my blog, thats all i ever do lol) and we left, stopped and picked up dee, and headed back to tc's. we had the grand plan to get up early and get the sunday paper and go to cvs for their new week specials but i kept talking to dee which ended with tc telling me she wished i'd shut up lol and so we finally got to sleep.

after definitely not enough sleep we got back up and did some more couponing then on to church this morning and tonight. here's a pic of most of what i got this week (: minus several stuff i left over at tc's house.

so anyway i'm finally back here slowing down for the first time it seems like this week. this has definitely Not been the best week of my life but i'm very grateful for my bestfriends who kept me busy and entertained. i love you dee bug and tc bethany (: anyway there is a little update ab my week. hopefully i'll be more faithful this week to keep up with this thing. lots of love


  1. Absolutely LOVE the pictures (: well most of them. haha I love you best friend!