Saturday, April 23, 2011

So i'm finally writing a real blog again lol. Since we just went to the smokies i figured i should at least blog about what an awesome time we had. I really can’t believe how fun it was, but we had a blast! (I did anyway :) lol) thurs I had to work and it was seriously the Longest day ever even tho we got off at 1. When I finally got to leave I headed home and decided to take a nap before Hilary got here. She got here around 3 and we loaded up the cooler and headed to April’s house and pick her up. Once we got on the road there was a lot of singing, yelling, making random ew noises, and trying to sound like a pterodactyl haha. When we finally got to the smokies we met up with mom and dad and headed straight to eat before we even went in our room because we were starving! We had some amazing arby’s (probably mine and hil’s favorite) and headed back to the room to watch some idol (yes I couldn’t even miss idol for the smokies lol) after we got in our room and watched idol we decided we should at least go to a few shops in pigeon forge and not waste our whole night in the room, so I was gonna go knock on mom’s door to give her our extra key. Wellll I thought her room was directly beside us on the left and it turns out it was on the Right. And earlier she had come and knocked on our door a ton to bug us, so I go to this random person’s door that I think is my parents room and start beating on it. Yea. True story. I hear a lady inside yell what! And I’m like ummmm that’s not my mom. So we panic and take off to the stairs and just act like nothing happened. When we were walking to the car the people definitely came outside and was yelling. I still don’t think they knew for sure it was us, but April and Hilary were definitely scared lol. It was absolutely hilarious and I hope I never ever do that again lol. After a little shopping we headed back to our room for some more girl talk and finally some sleep. The next day we did a little more shopping at tanger, went to eat, and then headed back to the room to get ready to go to Gatlinburg that evening.  We walked the strip for a little while and decided to head back to pigeon forge to eat, shop some more, and take a few pics. We were trying to find a good place to take some pictures and we found this willow tree that we thought we could take some by. Well. I Really wanted to climb this tree. But climbing a tree in dressy clothes and yellow box flip flops is Not easy. So I decided to back my car up under the tree and try to jump off the back of my car into the tree. Yeaaa…that was an epic fail. Sadly I have no pictures in the tree now :( but Hilary sure has a ton of me looking really stupid trying to climb in it haha. We had to head back pretty early this morning but I’m definitely glad we got to go. I really needed it and I can’t wait to go again :) lots of love

here's most of the pics that we took (:

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  1. haha I love those pics. And I flippin love my jacket! It makes me so happy! haha (: