Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so since i haven't made a real post since last wed i figured i'd do a little update on my week. sat was april's party and it was Awesome! i had a ton of phone and have been wondering why we don't go to four fields more often and have water fights because it's soo close. i managed not to get too too wet until me and layton dumped a tub of water on april and somehow half of it ended up on me....karma i guess but it was so hot i wasn't gonna complain (: basically other than that the day consisted of me being lazy and doing the cat daddy with bail...also trying to climb a fence and experiencing a very epic fail lol. i love you for trying with me anyway bail (:
sunday i went to higdon and hung out with tc and derrick mostly then came home for a nap before trenton that night. i just came home afterwards and went to bed early so i could get up early and walk monday before work. i've decided to try to get back in shape and lose a little weight so today was day 3 of walking again. hopefully by dee's wedding i won't be such a pudge lol. me and april really want to start meeting up and walking once a week if anyone would like to join us (:
monday was just a normal awful monday at work bc it's like a must that mondays be terrible....i was sooo ready to leave to go get ready for dee's shower....and of course the day just couldn't go any slower. Finally i get off work and run a few errands then head to granny j's to set up and get everything ready. when i show up she is pouring liquid fire down her sink bc it's stopped up....well before you know it, it's ate thru part of the pipes where they connect and its running out Everywhere. so me and sis joyce are both dying laughing and trying to get everything cleaned up so we can actually do something productive. we finally get it cleaned up and bro tony showed up and fixed the sink for us (: pretty soon tc showed up and we put together the chicken salad sandwiches (while sneaking bites every few mins...we acted like we hadn't ate in ab three weeks lol) arranged everything, and basically waited for everyone to show up. it ended up being a Blast. i'm very very thankful for everyone who came or helped in any way and made it special for dee. i really dont think it could have went any better!
yesterday i went and worked then came home and walked my two miles, took a nap (those are pretty daily for me lol) and rushed to get ready for church. i got there ab 3 mins till start time but as long as i make it in before they start to sing i feel pretty good lol. we had a couple visitors and church ended up being Really good. i'm so so thankful for my little church. i can't hardly imagine being anywhere else...i love it so much!
today was actually a pretty good day. we grilled out at work and ate our lunches out on the patio just sitting out in the felt so great....i can't wait for it to be for real summer. tonight i have totally been a lazy bum (minus walking my two miles again) i, of course, just finished idol and it was amazing as always. scotty never fails to make me melt when he sings and tonight was just....ahh...amazing<3 i wish idol happened everyday! haha
also i have two things i wanna mention. first thing is friday we are having a singing at 7:30 est (fast) time....steadfast and the young family are singing....and mom thinks we have another group but for the life of me i cant remember who it come and be surprised! haha
second thing is....i am so stinking pumped for next weekend!!! mom dad me april hilary and britney are going to the do what has not been decided yet....but i'm sure i will come back with a ton of pics and one extremely long blog (:
that's ab it for now...this thing is getting pretty long. so till next time. lots of love


  1. mwahahahahahaha!!! (idk. I'm just super excited!!!) :D

  2. i'm just ready to get out of here!!

  3. your very welcome (about trying to climb the fence with you) :) and also.. i'd like to start meeting up with you and april once a week and go walking. HA. i really would cause i always walk alone. but still. if i had the time and money to come up there once a week just to walk with you two... i would :)

  4. i wish you didnt have to work tonight so you could come up and hang out with us Before the beach trip so i could see you guys! it makes me sad :( i will gladly let you come live with me one night a week so you can walk with us hahah