Monday, April 25, 2011

so this is my 3rd day in a row for an actual blog and not a survey or pictures or anything random lol. but today was a pretty busy day so i decided to write another. first off i got up way too early for work so i sat around for awhile till i had to leave and drove the awful 45 minute commute to my lovely job that i really do love (: it was a pretty good day considering i've been off since thurs.
after work i headed straight to tc's so we could "walk"...haha it took us Forever to actually make it to that stage. we sat in her house for probably a good 30 mins and then we went outside to walk in her neighborhood and tc was too chicken to walk by any houses with dogs so after about ten minutes we gave up and headed back lol.
we ended up going to her school's track field and walking there instead. we found a track hurdle pushed against a building so i dragged it out to the football field so if i tripped i wouldnt bust my face on the cement lol. well after several several bailed out attempts to jump over it, i did make an effort to clear it....and caught my foot, fell, and rolled a little bit haha. it didn't hurt me (PTL we had moved it out on the grass) but it was pretty hilarious. tc had been videoing me but of Course she missed that. finally we kinda got the hang of it and did a few more before we got back to walking.
so i dont know how many of you have tried it, but running up and down the bleacher stairs is so stinking tiring. by the time we had walked over two miles, jumped our hurdles, and run up and down the stairs who knows how many times, i was beyond ready to pass out. when we got back to the car i probably could have just fell asleep. i did manage to make it home okay (: i feel so much better about myself after walking and i really hope i keep up at it. i don't wanna be a huge blob in dee's wedding!
overall it's been a pretty awesome day for a monday (: but still, can't wait for the weekend. i already know it's gonna be great. i'm sure i'll be back with a long post about all the crazy stuff we did (: lots of love

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