Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter weekend :)

so this weekend has actually been really fun :) yesterday after i got home from the smokies i took a nap and then headed to trenton for church. afterwards i met up with april and blake at lalito's and we sat and talked foreverrrr. we finally went outside since they were closing and talked about an hour outside after that. it's really nice to know i still have some people who are Always there for me (: i love them a whole whole bunch!
today i went to trenton (and arrived about 5 mins late) it was a pretty short service and mostly just dad preaching. we got out before church normally even starts i believe lol. after that we headed to my grandmothers to eat lunch and i pretty much ate my entire body weight in all kinds of yummy food. it was pretty delicious (: i ended up falling asleep in the floor and because my family is super annoying, i got tickled with easter grass more than once, and got water poured in my ear, and i believe ice on my back. i kept going back to sleep anyway (: lol
tonight i went back to trenton and afterwards i called april and blake to see what the plan was. they told me lalito's was closed and blake was like come over here and get in our car. he wouldnt tell me why so i headed that way and as soon as i got in their car blake took off. he was like we're going to tiftonia!! haha they tricked me because they knew i wouldn't go because i feel like driving to tiftonia for food is a waste of gas when trenton has so many places to eat. we ended up going to the china buffet place with james (where once again i ate about my entire body weight in yummy goodness....minus the peice of sushi i ate half of and wanted to throw it up) and afterwards walked around walmart. finally we headed back to lalito's to get my car and blake tried to teach me how to spin a basketball on my finger out in the parking lot (i failed lol) insert some more good old blake-april-brett talk time and it was a pretty great sunday night. i definitely laughed till i cried and some points, and had an awesome sing-the-frosted-flakes-theme-song moment with zane.
all in all i had a pretty great weekend. can't wait till this weekend. girl's night friday and hopefully cbf sat!! lots of love to everybody (:

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