Wednesday, April 6, 2011

half way there...

i'm sooo stinking thankful the week is halfway thru. two more work days and i'm Finally free for the weekend. which i believe is gonna include going to eat with brit friday night...and i really dont know who all else lol but i'm just going to hang with my sis (: and then aprils party sat (woo hoo!) and still not for sure about sunday but whatever it is, i'm sure it'll be better than my lame work week.
monday was seriously a Horrible day! i went to tc's house to get my coupons i left sat and to pick up material to take to sis janet for our bridesmaids dresses. well i get there and of course we are taking our time talking and we're filling out invitations and i knew it was supposed to come a storm but i guess i wasn't too worried ab it but when i left it was already crazy windy. i get a min or two down the road and remember i forgot the material so i run back to tc's and she can't even find it so i give up and head back home for the 2nd time. well i get a min or two more down the road and there is a tree laying all the way across both lanes, blocking my like 15 min route home. so i have to turn around and go All the way back to stevenson from sp and go all the way to the opposite end of the mtn in the ridiculous monsoon weather. i was kinda scared but thankfully i got home okay! tues was pretty uneventful in comparison, mostly just work and church and bilo with my parents afterwards. 
today when i got home me and mom decided to get down my summer clothes, and it never fails, every year i'm surprised how much junk i really do have. i counted today that i have 80 pairs of shoes!!! its very possible i have a few more but i got that far today. even i realize that this is kind of sad, but what can i say, i do love me some heels <3 i'm so glad it's mostly out of the way but i was a little sad to see some of my cute winter stuff go (also, like every other year, i left out like 5 hoodies bc i couldn't bear to pack them all up...i Love hoodies and i still wear them a lot at night during the summer...pretty sad lol) but all and all i am Definitely ready for summer to get here!
i also made two swim skirts for dia tonight (:
if you were wondering what they are, it's little boys swim trunks haha. they seriously are the most comfortable thing to swim in and they are soo easy to make. i wish all skirts would just go smoothly like making a swim skirt, but jeans can be a pain in the tail a lot of the times. but i thought hers turned out pretty cute (:
i also got my weekly wed night fill of american idol. man do i love that show <3 this year makes me so happy bc i love almost every singer on there. i would be pretty happy with almost any one of them winning. i can't say i have a favorite but i do have a soft spot in my heart for scotty<3(: his voice is so amazing and i'm pretty sure if he sang to me i'd faint on the spot haha. i can't wait to see who gets voted off tomorrow!
well that's really about all i've been up to this week so i'm gonna get off here i guess. lots of love,

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