Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so my weekend was Crazy! we did a ton of stuff and had a ton of fun but i am entirely too lazy to post all about the details (it would be like 10 pages long) so i decided to just do pictures with captions. so enjoy (:

me hil and shelby at top o' the river waiting on jk brit and ross friday night

after part of our 2 a.m. waterfight at hil's friday...about to go get ready for more (:

me april and hil at april's amazing party sat

me and hilly d (:

me hil and bail

me and lexi

me brity and shelb

me and cat daddy bail (:


me brit and aly

me hil shelb ashley bail brit and aly

again (:

me and layton

the bridesmaid at dee's shower

dee and me

mama hannah and me

dee and tc cutting the cake haha

gotcha dee (:

tc creeping on granny j haha (and before you get mad this isnt the one you asked me to delete, haha bc i did delete it)

the best dress for sure lol

two of the very best friends i've ever been lucky enough to have (:

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