Monday, May 16, 2011

what a weekend

so this weekend has been busy, busy, busy. i guess i will break it up into days to blog about it (:
thurs: i reallyy wanted to go swimming so i could have some sun for the wedding. i txt dee to try to guilt her into abandoning wedding duties and us go swim for a few hours. i Finally talk her into it so i picked her up at dobbins and we headed to granny j's to meet my sis and the kids and have the first swimming trip of the year. here are some of the pics we took (:

hahah worst underwater pics ever....but i was excited my camera takes them (:

dee and me diving in

dee trying to get on the hammock hahaha

after that we rushed home to get ready for rehearsal. we got thru and everything went good (: we went to randy's for rehearsal dinner and i stayed and talked to blakey probably like an hour and half. then headed home to finally get some sleep.

friday: i went to work and had the worst work day ever! okay maybe not ever but it was pretty lame. guess good old friday the 13th raised its ugly head. but after work i had a lot of fun with the girls (: me april and lexi almost hit a possum and i'm pretty sure all of our hearts stopped and me and april screamed at the top of our lungs. oh the joys of being a girl lol. we all went to dee's and hung out anf actually got in bed Before 4 a.m. (our usual bedtime) we figured we should get some shut eye for the big day sat (:
and finally, sat: wedding day!!! so i have been super excited about this day and dreading it all the same. i am beyond happy for devan and ethan (and you could see that day how happy they are) but i am reallyyy gonna miss her! i actually made it thru the ceremony without bursting into tears (which i thought i would do) but afterwards when i was helping her and e get their stuff she came and hugged me and i about lost it. idk what i'll do without my dee bug :( she'd definitely been my rock here lately. but like i said, i am sooo happy for them. i love you dee! you definitely deserve it (: here are some of the few pics i did get to take sat.

after the wedding i went to eat in scottsboro with april zach sarah erik brianna isaac and luke at bv. we basically just sat around and talked for a long time and took some bad pics haha. i had a ton of fun and i'm veryyy thankful for my friends :)

idk what was going on here lol

or here lol

well i kept it kind of short but i figure i have enough pics to make up for it (: it was a lonnggg weekend but i had a ton of fun and i can't wait till this one! lots of love (:

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