Saturday, May 21, 2011

awesome-hilarious-wonderful-but-not-thuper thursday (:

So thurs night was a Blast! Definitely the most fun I’ve had in a loooong time (: I’m so glad everyone came over (: I was so ready to leave work thurs…even tho it was a half day at work, it felt like the longest. day. ever. So I when I finally got to head home I took forever getting ready lol when aly showed up my hair was definitely still wet. Me running late, shocking I know. Next april and blake got here (I’m still not ready) and then erik…a little bit later bail and hil….then finally kenzie. We played a couple games of cranium (which the blue team dominated both times) and midway thru the games, hil and aly decide to go ahead and make the giant cupcake I had been planning to make for kenzie since it was his bday. Well they put it in to cook and come back to finish the game with us. It’s by far probably one of my favorite games Ever…but I’m pretty sure me and erik were the only ones really getting into it haha. I’m not really sure when we got the cake out but I’ll just tell about it now. They were soo excited to make this giant cupcake after seeing the pan, but um it definitely fell all apart when they started icing it. Oh well I loved it anyway (: we still sung (a very horrible version) happy bday to kenzie and the cake actually ended up being pretty awesome (: hats off to chef hilly g and aly. After that we moved into the living room so they could teach me and kenzie how to play concentration. And I definitely love it too (: it was a lot of fun even tho I probably bruised up my legs lol. Then we decided to make up our own game of gestures because we weren’t sure how to play the real one haha. And, once again, our team dominated! Haha it was pretty awesome because erik started screaming yes and cheering and the other team just thought we’d got our word right. Overall the night was pretty much the best ever (: it was totally awesome, amazing, hilarious, but NOT thuper (: (: lots of love,
Here’s some pics of our night (:

aly looking like a vampire eating the red velvet cake icing lol

yes, that is the red team at start, and blue team at the finish!!

i love you cat daddy (:

team blue

loser team red lol

the poor cake lol

our random "line up on the wall" pictures lol

this one makes me really happy (:

sister wives lol

con-cen-tra-tion, get that rhythm, concentration countdown!

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