Sunday, May 1, 2011

so after reading part of my easter post i decided i wanted to right a post and tell some stories about my grandparents. easter was the last time i got to be with them, and even then i was getting cracked up at grandmother. she cooked SO much always. you'd think she had to feed an army! but that was my grandmother...she always was afraid we wouldn't have enough (this has prolly Never happened in the history of her cooking for our get-togethers) so we always have tons left over. she was always making us laugh with the crazy stuff she did.
i definitely definitely developed a love of phase ten from these two. they had us playing as far back as i can remember. granddaddy would take out the skips because he didn't like playing with them, and grandmother always wanted us to let her make up her own rules. one time she got upset at granddaddy for not letting her cheat, so she tossed her cards across the table. we always crack up telling that story, and i can still picture it in my mind.
one time grandmother and aunt vida went to a grocery store i believe and grandmother saw a popcorn tin can that she wanted, and there was a bunch all stacked up in a piramid. well instead of taking one off the top, she decides to take one right out of the middle. i will assume you know what happens next. right when they start falling she starts screaming just standing there looking at them haha until aunt vida told her to hush. sadly i missed seeing this one, but it gets told in our family a lot.
i remember spending So many summers at my grandparents house with a lot of the other grandkids. we were talking this week and she would have like 7 of us there at a time. i never realized how much patience my grandparents had, but they were always so good to us, and paid us so much attention. she always loved to have us over.
one time when i was prolly 6 or 7 they decided to go on vacation...i cant remember where....but they took me with them. i remember mom sending me some spending money and them taking me to buy a toy :) and going back to the hotel and watching dances with wolves haha. i'm so thankful i went with them, and that i still remember it a little.
one thing i will Always associate with my grandparents is a movie called "seven brides for seven brothers"...its an Old movie that probably nobody but my family likes, but we love it. i have watched that movie so much its just ridiculous. my grandparents loved it and so its probably one of the first movies i ever seen haha. we used to watch it all. the. time. at their house. its so good and if you ever have a chance, you should check it out :)
i may not get this exactly right, because this testimony was Way before my time, but i'll try my best. when they were younger, grandmother and granddaddy didn't have a lot of money, and i think they just barely had money left over each week for food. grandmother just told granddaddy to worry about the bills, and she'd put food on the table. well she had canned some food and put it in a box under her bed. from what i understand, it wasn't that much. but she prayed the Lord would provide them food and she would reach under there without looking in the box and pull out cans for food. i think it lasted them all winter on just that one box! those are the kind of testimonies i hope to have one day.
there are tons and tons of stories we've been told all thru the years, some we witnessed, some we just got to laugh about later. and you guys will probably get to read more over the next few months. so just look forward to probably some good laughs :)

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