Tuesday, May 24, 2011

way too late to be blogging...

so i haven't been keeping up with this as well as i had, which is my i am sitting up at 12 a.m. to write a blog when i know i will regret it at 7:15 a.m. when my alarm goes off (: i was about to write "oh the sacrifices of being a teenager"...then i realized...i'm not a teenager...and haven't been for almost 2 years lol. oh the consequences of being old haha. anyway...on to my update!
so friday i went to jay's senior night...it was long...and boring...but i went because i love her and decided to support my bestfriend (: and because i missed her tons! we ended up having a lot of fun afterwards....i Begged tyler to bring nugget to jordan to let me see him...but no such luck :( it made my heart sad but now i have a reason to go back out there haha. we all went out to eat afterwards....and i finally got to try masons...which is now sams...it was actually pretty good :) and thank you dillion davis for teaching me the intricacy of opening and closing a car door lol. after that we went back to jay's for awhile till i was about to pass out so we finally went in and got ready for bed because i had to get up early to go shopping with miss tc (:
sat consisted of a Lot of running around store to store, going to garrett/chelsea/joeys party, babysitting derrick and tc, and falling asleep on derricks couch for like, an hour and a half, while stewart made fun of me lol. when i Finally made it back to tc's to get my car, i rushed home, changed, then went to church.
sun i went to decoration with mom and dad then to trenton that night. afterwards i did the sunday night crew eat out thing and had a great time hanging out with aprils and blakey (: as always! i took garrett and alex with me so i had to run them home but i ended up staying at their house an hour or so playing with their dogs. they're pretty much the cutest dogs in the whole world and they were happy to let me pet them (except hero who mostly ran from me lol) which made my night (: pretty sure i'd go to their house just to see the dogs lol.
today was just a regular old monday full of work, couponing, and a little reality tv mixed in (: i love me some bachelorette already! i also took out the seams and pinned four skirts tonight....pretty much like the most progress i've ever made in just one night. pretty proud of myself (: if you know someone who needs skirts made from jeans or swim trunks or whatever, you should hit me up (:
this weekend....i'm most likely going to the smokies with jay! i can not wait!! i will prolly come back with tons of pics, like i always do, and a way too long blog to go with it (: i doubt i will have much to update till then, so lots of love to you all, and goodnight!

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