Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mnm :)

so last night we decided to have our first MNM in like, 2 years lol. and for once we actually had the guys come too (: it ended up being a Blast! and exactly what i needed. i love love love my friends (: we played sorry, ate some delicious homemade pizza, made a campfire and roasted marshmellows (at least i did anyway lol) and basically talked a whole bunch.
when i first came in erik was leaving to go to practice so we talked a min and he said he'd be back later so i headed on in to get some pizza. it was sooo yummy...i think mama kim mostly made it and i'm pretty sure she can cook for me everyday now (: after that me april blake and shaun sat around and talked about what to do for foreverrr. we finally decided to go outside to let me shoot a gun. after much guilting and begging, i still wouldn't do it (i Definitely was wayy too scared) april even tried but when i saw it attempt to take her arm off, that convinced me i wanted no part of that lol.
we went back in and played an awesome game of sorry and shaun definitely beat us :( it was pretty sad lol. after that we went outside to build a fire and wait for erik to get back with the marshmellows. me and april went over to her grandmothers to get some chairs and i walk in and hear rap music coming from the living room. i was like oh my goodness is she watching mtv??? turns out she was watching dwts, but it still cracked me up :) when we got back outside we tried to pick up sticks for awhile till blake finally got like an entire tree out of the woods and pulled it into their yard lol. erik Finally showed up, four years later, but i was the only one who actually wanted a marshmellow :( i cooked a few, took some pics, then we headed inside.
after that we played some more sorry (in which i Dominated!) and ate some yummy icecream :) then sadly, i had to go back home, but i am soo glad we got together because it definitely made my week better. i love you guys :) here are some pics we took :)

me getting on to blake i think lol

still wasnt really getting anywhere lol

shaun being an oldie trying to figure out mama kim's cryptograms lol

old man face!

shauns winning board :(

shaun making loser hands at the rest of us lol

i am the dandelion king!

us trying to take a pic with our campfire lol

more grandpa faces lol

me and mama kim (:

my winning game board!

me with the "winners crown" lol


  1. Haha I lovelovelove these pics! And I lovelovelove you! You're definitely one of my best friends! (:

  2. i'm very glad that the crocodile hunter listens to rap music

  3. lol I'm pretty sure the crocodile hunter doesn't even know what rap is! haha

  4. it made me very happy too haha maybe dwts enlighted her! i love you as well april (: you're definitely one of my bestfriends too! i miss you both!!

  5. i love love love you too april! and you as well bailey!