Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day weekend

So this weekend was definitely awesome (: I had soo much fun…I’m so glad I got to go to the Smokies with jay…I’ve never got to go with her and her family on vacation and I wasn’t sure I would get to because of work but lucky for me it worked out and I had a blast!
Sat morning I got up bright and early at 4:40ish….yea…real! I thought I was going to fall over asleep before I even made it to my car…it was pretty bad. Luckily I made it to Stevenson without wrecking and met up with jay and the parents and her (and very much feels like mine too) little brother.  We all tried to sleep but I think jay and her mom were the only ones that successful at it lol. At one point jay had her feet up in the backseat, leaned over on colton, who was leaned over on me, and I was squished up against the door. It was a pretty funny picture I’m sure. We finally made it up there and Nobody would say what they wanted to do. We pretty much didn’t do Anything at all Saturday night till church. This was my first time to go to church up there and I was pretty nervous but it was actually really really good. The church is Tiny but I really enjoyed it (: jared and pretty much all of this family came up there too so afterwards we went to their cabin to eat. Oh my goodness! Their cabin is so stinking pretty! It’s pretty awesome that they built it….i love it. You should definitely check it out sometime (: it’s called bear’s masterpiece (jared gets called bear a Lot lol) we hung out with jared and jesse for awhile and helped entertain the kids and then we finally headed back to our room because we were all exhausted.
Sunday morning we went back to church and afterwards we went to ihop (first time ever for me) and we decided to take the kids to the park with us. It was me jesse jared jay jonas brandy john stephanie and about a million little kids running around lol. It actually was a ton of fun and I found me a new little boyfriend. His name is skylar hornbuckle and he is pretty much the most adorable little boy I’ve ever met. He was so stinking sweet….he was telling me how he liked my hair and my purse and all this…he pretty much just stole my heart lol. He stayed pretty much by my side all day at the park….and then later when we headed to Gatlinburg he wouldn’t eat until I fed him…and he was right by my side either holding my hand or insisting I carry him. We didn’t do too much in Gatlinburg….me jesse jared and jay got there before everyone else so walked down to the creek and sat out on the water and talked for forever. When everyone we got there we mostly just walked the strip. i did get to try a fannie farkle for the first time tho (: if you know me, well, you know how much I love corndogs…so much that me and aly made up a song about them. Yes, I realize we are 20, not 2, but I’m glad we act two together anyway (: Anyways….needless to say, the fannie farkle corndog was super great…as are like, all corndogs lol. Even tho jesse made fun of me and acted like I was the biggest pig ever lol. They had been talking about the skylifts a lot and jesse reallyy wanted to go so we had finally made our way over there and they pretty much closed like right as we walked up lol it was pretty funny but I think they were kinda bummed. So we just decided to call it a night and head back. I forgot to mention that sometime during the day (I can’t remember exactly when….i keep getting what all we done mixed up) we went and hiked to some falls…tho I couldn’t actually tell you which ones lol. It was super pretty and makes me definitely wanna go hike again (:
Monday we got up and met the guys at tanger and we decided we’d head over to the titanic museum…I believe this was jareds idea but I have wanted to go for a long time…I am a huge nerd and I really like history stuff. It ended up being pretty interesting…to me anyway…I think most everyone else but colton thought it was super lame lol. There was one part that was built to look like you were outside on the deck and they had water that was as cold as the ocean was where the titanic sank so you could put you hand in and feel….well us idiots decided to try to see who could hold their hand in the longest. I’m surprised I didn’t catch hypothermia lol it was Terrible! A lot of it made me feel so sad for the people who were on there. But overall I enjoyed it (: afterwards we decided to finally go ride the chairlifts. Well…I’m a pretty big chicken…and I’m not a super big fan of heights….so I was kinda scared going up. And, of course, jesse decided to take advantage of that and make our chair move a lot. It ended up not being too bad tho (: once we left there we decided we’d drive thru cadesthru it who knows how many times in my life but I actually had fun. After that we decided to finally head home…me and jay rode with the guys till we got to Chattanooga. Jesse ended up falling asleep on the way back….it was sooo funny…jared decided the best way to wake up jesse would be to slam on the brakes and us all scream…yea. I agree, that was the best way ever lol. To say he was scared is kind of an understatement lol. I don’t think he appreciated it, but it pretty much made my trip lol.
Overall I’m definitelyy glad I went. If you are still reading this novel of a post, you’re pretty awesome lol. Lots of love to you guys (:

me and jay at crackbarrell

on the way to church sunday morning

me and skylar (:

jesse and sidney

me jesse and jay

me sidney and jesse

me and jesse

jay and bear

jesse being stupid lol


cutie huh? (: i love this kid

jay and sawyer

saywer, jay, sidney, jesse, and skylar

colton and sidney

me colt and jay

jay and me outside the museum...and bear taking a pic for her lol

outside the chairlifts

at the top (:

on the way down

we took this because i'm always making fun of them for being so far away in pictures lol

me wearing bears and him wearing jay's sunglasses lol

out at cades cove

the guys being crazy lol

yepp that's a really asleep jess lol

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