Sunday, May 1, 2011

well this week has been completely insane, to say the least. i really, really, cannot express how thankful i am for all of the wonderful, amazing people in my life. we have had soo many calls, texts, and visits since wednesday, it's been crazy. and i am so so truly appreciative. anyone who thought they might possibly be a bother, trust me, being with people has helped us more than anything. we've had so many offers of food, hot showers, a place to sleep, a place to wash clothes....pretty much anything we needed at all. i don't hardly know what we would have done without everybody. so honestly, if you have prayed for us, thought about us, tried to contact us in any way just to send a good word, THANK YOU! we love you all very very much!!!
we are Finally with power here...thank you Lord! it seems such a petty thing to be happy about tho, with so many without even a home. i am so so grateful that the Lord spared our home with absolutely no damage. i know it could have been a lot different and my prayers go out to all of those who are suffering along with us, for whatever their loss.
it has definitely not been a great 5 days, but we are making it :) things seem to be a lot better. we have been over at grandmother and granddaddy's land a lot just going thru debris trying to find anything that would be worth saving. sat me kenzie james april and blake all headed over there to try to help my family sort thru everything. after we stayed there awhile we went to eat in trenton then headed back to my house and just sat on the porch and played phase ten and talked to xander and analeigh :) then we took them out back to play some very very unorganized softball. it was nice to just have some time just to feel like things were back to normal. me blake and april headed back over there today to try to finish up some of the stuff for mom. and let me tell you, they have been like my little support team. they have been so willing to help and do anything at all that i need. i love you guys so stinkin much! i really appreciate how amazing ya'll have been this week! after that we headed to south pittsburg to eat and pick up some stuff and then headed back to the mtn. tonight i've just been hanging out at uncle perry and aunt angie's with everyone then back here straightening up since the power finally came back on :)
whenever i find out funeral arrangements i will try to post them on here....and if you are reading them, spread the word around. we're trying to get the info out in time for people to be able to come. and anybody can feel free to txt me and ask about it, but i will send out a txt to most people i think want to know whenever i find out.
hope everyone is doing well and making it okay thru all of this. please continue to pray for my family if you think about it, they definitely need it. lots and lots of love to everybody!

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  1. So this definitely made me bawl my eyes out. You know I'm always here if you need me! I'm so glad we've gotten close recently and I don't ever want that to change! I love you so so so much! (: