Wednesday, November 2, 2011

halloween weekend

time for the first weekend update in Forever. this weekend was so good tho i guess it deserves a blog (:

we basically just hung out in the living room watching scary movies all night till we had to head home. on the way home we decided to stop at sonic and me blake and april had the most goofy car hop everrr. at one point he asked us who got the chickens wrap? me and april were of course horrible and laughed our heads off at him pretty much the entire time lol. i ended up making it home around 12:30 so i was pretty happy lol.

i got up fairly early to start cleaning so i could back out to huntsville. well when i get in the kitchen mom decides she wants me to help her carve pumpkins for the square that night. not a fun time. i love carving pumpkins, but not with momma lol. we basically fussed the whole time lol. after i got thru with that, cleaned the house, and made baileys skirt, it was off to olivia's to meet up with bail and shelby. we hung out there for awhile just talking and goofing off till we decided to head back to bail's. pretty soon garrett, megan, and ross showed up and we all headed out to go eat. we went to zaxbys (yumm!) where shelby pointed out the bathroom smelled just like cupcakes? oddly enough, it really did. start of our random night lol. after we left there it was me megan ross and bail in his truck and let me just tell you.. it was dance/singing city lol. we heard thriller twice, and the girls did a pretty interesting reenactment of the dance lol. we listened to allll kinds of random music, with lots of dancing and really obnoxious singing haha. i think ross wanted to kill us part of the time (: we made a pit stop at hardee's to go to the bathroom and when i got in there i started to shut the door and the lights went out. i definitely started screaming and jumping up and down (in my defense, shelby and megan freaked out too lol) that is definitely Not like me.. i dont hardly ever get scared.. i guess it just caught me off guard lol. it was forreal hilarious though. we Finally made it to arx mortis in the middle of Nowhere usa and the line is SOOOOOO long. there isn't enough o's in the world to express how long. i even made the statement several times "this is worse than six flags!" we decided to tough it out since we had drove so far. about an hour and a half into the wait preston, dylan, luke, kelsey, reese, and corey all showed up to go thru with us. after about another hour we found out we could pay 10 more dollars and go in immediately. uh, man yeah. it was such a relief to Not be in that dumb line. now is the time i'm going to blog stuff that will probably cause bailey and shelby to comment attack me but idc lol. arx mortis was... okay i guess. i had a really fun time, but not because of the haunted house. and don't believe them when they say it was the most terrifying ever... cause it was definitely not. but in their defense, i hardly ever think they arent lame so... i'd give it a 6 or 7. out of 100. lol just kidding (: after that we finally headed back to bails (which involved a lot more of me and bail singing, and some dueling banjo's haha), then i drove back to hil's and pretty much immediately crashed.

i pretty much rolled out of bed and headed straight to stevenson for church. i was so exhausted tho i went home right after church and slept till i pretty much rolled out of bed and left for trenton that night lol. i went out to eat with the kids at church and then headed home to sleep some more (:

halloween!!!! my favorite holiday ever! i love dressing up So so much.. i guess i'm still a big kid. i had debated on if i wanted to dress up at work or just at hil's that night, but i decided to go ahead since it'd be easier, and i got a lot of compliment and corny jokes about my costume lol. when work finally ended i headed to hil's to hang out till everyone got there. brit was the first to show up and she talked to us for awhile till she got a phone call and went to hil's room. hil had to get ready so i was like i'm playing zombies. about an hour later hil walks in and i'm still trying to get past level 3. yea real talk. i ask about brit and she had definitely fell asleep in hil's room haha. hil decided to join me and we seriously played zombies foreverrr but we only ever got to level four. eventually bailey showed up, then shelby, hannah, april, and aly. time to trick or treat (: it was the first time i'd went in Years but i had sooo much fun. it was honestly probably the best halloween ever. about 10 mins in, shelby and bailey disappeared into like the twilight zone and we didnt see them again till back at the house haha. the rest of us stayed together.. sort of. we kept being bad friends and running ahead of brit and hil (who was in a wheel chair cause of her broken foot) but we were nice and got candy for her a lot (: at one point we even found a tv out in the road.. aly was so excited and wanted to keep it, but she really didnt have any way to lol so we decided to just keep going. we finally headed back and when we got to hil's we all dumped out our candy and started trading out haha. pretty soon everyone had to leave and it was just me bail and hil. i've definitely missed our midweek hangouts and i'm very glad we all got to stay together again. we stayed up talking foreverrr.. even tho we all had to work. at one point hil was like "i have a serious question...... why are we still awake??" lol it was probably mostly me and bail (it always is) but finally we did shut up and go to sleep (:

overall it was one of the best weekends i have had in sooo long. i love being able to go out and act like a little kid again (: i know this is insanely long, so if you read it all you must really love me haha. lots of love(:

the famous $35 tickets!

look at bail pointing at her lame cat t-shirt.. how precious


  1. Arx Mortis was NOT LAME! Hahaha

    the picture of you, me, and Bail is hilarious.. because I look SO stinking happy. You can definitely tell I was loading up on candy.

  2. you look pretty excited in the one at arx mortis too lol. pre-candy lol.