Thursday, October 20, 2011

actual real blog post (: lol

sooo i haven't posted on here in forever. it's so much easier just to put up pics and let people just see what i did haha. but i decided i would actually get on here and write something today (:
things have been soo busy this month. i'm always talking about how busy i am and i've decided it's probably just not gonna slow down. i already have plans for the rest of the month and almost all of nov.. but i'm not complaining, i'm super excited (:
as most of you probably know, my friend jordan got married last weekend. it was soo super sad for me. we got super close when my dad ran hytop's revival the first time in '07 and she's been one of the best friends in the world every since. she's been through So much with me.. and i used to be at her house about every other weekend. if i sat down and tried to remember all the crazy stupid things we did together, i doubt that i could. there are verryyy few people who know me like jay does.. we just grew up together. i know i'm going to miss her like crazy.. all the girls did all day sat was cry.. no joke.. and i was doing So good. i was like it just hasn't hit me, i dont think i'll cry, blah blah blah. well... about two hours before the wedding i started crying and basically didnt stop the rest of the night lol. we all were barely talking to each other cause we knew if we did, we would all lose it again. but everything was so beautiful and i'm so happy she is happy and i definitely want the best for her (: even if it makes me a little sad lol.
other than that i have mostly been going to haunted houses and getting ready for halloween parties (: i am really sad oct is almost over! it seriously has Flown by. but i am super excited about everything going on in nobember so i guess its okay its ending.. but oct is my fav month and i'm always sad for it to end. i seriously wish they had haunted houses year around lol.
also going on this month we are starting revival this weekend and bro totchie is gonna be there (: it's going on thru tues night and i'm really excited. i love bro totchie.. i definitely think it'll be good! so come if you can (:
well, this is one of my shorter updates but maybe i will be better about posting stuff after this (:
lots of love,

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